From World Wide Web To Bookshelves Everywhere
2021 Winner

From World Wide Web To Bookshelves Everywhere

Funke Digital

Potsdam, Germany

Category Commerce

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Overview of this campaign

Our aim was to use our existing online content to create traditional print books that we could sell to our online fans. The idea came when a fan of our cooking website “Leckerschmecker” asked if we were ever going to release a cookbook. We saw the potential and found a way to test the feasibility of this possible new revenue stream by producing our first book using the print-on-demand service offered by Amazon (CreateSpace). This meant no upfront costs and very little financial risk. 

The first cookbook sold well but there were quality issues with the print-on-demand service. With the demand and potential success confirmed, however, we were able to take the calculated risk of using a professional printing company and producing a large print run at our own cost. At this point we established a small print department at the company and began making books an integral part of our business model. Our goal was to make our print business sustainable by regularly releasing top quality books that our online fans would buy, thus transforming those fans into e-commerce customers.


Results for this campaign

Although our first cookbook sold quite well and even reached number 1 on the Amazon book charts in Germany, the quality of the product became a serious issue. We solved that problem by taking the financial risk of printing a large run with a professional printing company and the results speak for themselves. Once we started offering our fans top-quality hardcover books, they were extremely enthusiastic and our “Leckerschmecker” cookbooks and “Geniale Tricks” DIY/lifehacks books are now top sellers in Germany and Austria. We have even expanded this success and moved into more markets by launching books in France and Italy in 2020.

The Media Partisans book repertoire now includes 5 cookbooks and 2 DIY/lifehacks books in Germany. In Italy and France we’ve released greatest hits cookbooks and our first DIY/lifehacks book. In total we’ve sold over 300,000 copies of our books in less than three years and they are now available in all major bookstores in Germany and Austria. Our fans just can’t seem to get enough of them!

Our move into book publishing has been a great success and book sales now account for 20% of our total company revenue. We’ve now set the stage for further expansion and are working on plans to publish our books in more languages and in more countries worldwide.

In short, our plan to transform our online fans into e-commerce customers has worked very well and we look forward to continued success for many years to come.



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