Biltema - More Than Just Cars
2021 Finalist

Biltema - More Than Just Cars

Schibsted Partnerstudio

Oslo, Norway

Category Native Advertising

Overview of this campaign

Strengthen Biltema’s position «Much More Than Just Cars» and increase sales in categories house, home and leisure.

Increase the number of users on Biltemas website, and attract more female and younger customers. 

Through tailor-made educational and inspiring native content, we want to teach new customer segments to shop at Biltema.

In the spring of 2020 Norway shut down as a consequence of Covid-19, and suddenly the public had to get used to a new existence - at home. This gave us a unique opportunity to communicate Biltemas enormously broad product line. Schibsted Partnerstudio created a series of articles focusing on as many as possible of these products, aiming to meet this new Norwegian everyday life and all its needs.

The articles were distributed on via, with newsroom speed, and in line with a rapidly changing society. Continuous dialogue with Biltema throughout the campaign was very important: Together we could have an idea for an article, and be live in just a couple of days.

We measured the effects of this continuously with every publication, and made necessary adjustments as we went along. We also had access to Biltema’s own data on website traffic and sales, and utilized this actively to optimize. Demographic statistics were used to measure how well we were connecting with the groups we wanted.

Results for this campaign

From 18.03.2020 - 22.6.2020 we were live on with 10 articles distributed over 26 dates. Biltema at the same time distributed the material on their own website and social media platforms.

Biltema experienced record sales in warehouses, and we experienced record CTR numbers on

75% Increase in number of users on (vs same period 2019)
95% Increase in new users on (vs same period 2019)
593% Average increase in warehouse sales of featured products (vs same period 2019)

1,076,960 Pageviews on
378,003 Clicks sent to
37 % CTR (average 18.3-22.6)

Measuring selected articles from the campaign, we performed a Control v Exposed test with our partners in Norstat. Results show an 11 % increase in female readers (orange), compared to the total demographics for
50% of readers are in the age group 26-45 years, a key target for Biltema. Again the share of younger readers is considerably higher than for VG’s general demographics (42% in age group 26-45).

We also conducted a Brand Metrics-survey during the campaign, and saw an increase on all four measured parameters. We especially find an increase in awareness and consideration, highlighting the effect this campaign has had on those exposed:

Awareness +16.6%p
Consideration +8.3%p
Preference +6.4%p
Action +5.5%p


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