Biokraft – How to Make Circular Economy and Sustainability Relevant and Valuable For Local Readers and Business Owners
2021 Finalist

Biokraft – How to Make Circular Economy and Sustainability Relevant and Valuable For Local Readers and Business Owners


Trondheim, Norway

Category Native Advertising

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Overview of this campaign

SpareBank 1 SMN is the biggest bank and finance institution in our region of Trøndelag and Midt-Norge, and our client in this campaign. The goal was to produce a visual, interesting, and relevant campaign about circular economy and sustainability in our local community.

While sustainability most certainly is one of the great topics of marketing these days, greenwashing is also a consequence of it. Therefore, it was important that the stories we told did not concentrate around the bank, but rather our local businesses.

We helped the bank with a visual strategy within native advertising with instead of telling, rather showing, the importance of sustainability in all parts of the regional main business fields, such as industry, aquaculture, and agriculture.

The goals for this campaign were:

  1. Increase brand awareness for SpareBank 1 SMN for their existing business customers, potential business customers and private customers.
  2. Show how and why sustainability is important to the bank and what they finance, and that they acknowledge that as the only way to achieve a healthy economic growth of our society.
  3. Make a visual and “long life” campaign that brings relevance, reflection and pride in our main business fields and community – and hope and prosperity that what we do in our little part of the world actually makes a difference.

With the campaign strategy we were able to show how circular economy is a part of our existing business eco system, and all the exciting opportunities that lay before us in the future – if businesses take sustainable choices.

We created a storyline and campaign existing of four chapters where the reader starts with a story of Biokraft, a local factory that’s the world’s largest producer of liquid biogas. We rewind to see what and how the commodities are refined in chapter two, and in chapter four and five the reader gets to tie the circle with exploring how local businesses can make use of all parts of the local biogas production.

Results for this campaign

The first section of the campaign went live on 10th of June 2020 and was distributed in 12 titles/newspapers covering the whole region in the banks target group. After two campaign periods during June and September/October the articles was read by over 30 000 unique users and received over 43 000 page views. This is a massive number of readers considering that we wanted to reach people in only a small part of the country.

This way to create native advertising that not actually focus on our customers (the bank) product, but topics that impact all of us living in the region – is an interesting way to use marketing.

It is intricate to measure how marketing like this reflected on their goals of gaining brand awareness, but the bank wanted stories that both they and readers could be proud of and have received massive feedback from readers and even their own employees. SpareBank1 SMN stated this after the campaign:

“The end-result also made a definite strong nudge in people’s perception of our region as one that may take lead as the Norwegian capitol of sustainable development. And both in our own ranks with 1600 employees, and in our region, we have lifted SpareBank 1 SMN as a financial institution that pushes for green solutions, and that works with businesses that wants to advocate for the green change.”


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