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2021 Finalist
Positive India Series

Positive India Series

Jagran Prakashan

New Delhi, India

Category Social Media

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Overview of this campaign

Traditionally, news organizations tend to follow the old edict, "If it bleeds, it leads." But, a recent survey from the Harvard School of Public Health found that reading, watching, or listening to negative news is one of the leading causes of stress among the readers/audience. Research suggests that people who consume negative news regularly also tend to have less trust in political leaders, lower evaluations of other people and communities, and more psychological problems.


As a responsible media house of the country, Jaran New Media (JNM) also believes in constructive journalism to contribute in nation building through its mantra of 'Empowering New Bharat'.


There is a lot of positivity in India. There are unmatched examples of social harmony in our country. Many of our teachers and educational institutions are incomparable.  We Indians are known for our innovation and entrepreneurship. Therefore, this campaign highlights positive original stories based on good/inspiring works being done in society, education sectors, innovation/research fields and entrepreneurship areas etc.

JNM highlighted constructive and positive stories about the people involved in nation building in all sectors/categories of nation/society. We focused on the noble souls who are maintaining the secular fabric of Indian society despite all odds.


Results for this campaign

We got a tremendous response from people and the campaign was appreciated

by our followers on our Twitter platform, as it was a Twitter First campaign. We captured over 1.25 Million impressions on Twitter, over 55,550 engagement through tweets, likes and shares & retweets. Various Ministry Twitter handles retweeted our stories and liked it. 






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