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Overview of this campaign

In 2020, Metro had operations in 9 different countries in LATAM, with 12 digital products, some of them are local and others regional on print and digital platforms.

For the whole industry the last couple of years have been complicated by the decreasing ad spend on traditional media, social crisis in some relevant markets and the pandemic that we are currently facing. All these factors had led Metro into a significant drop and revenue of 30% in 2020 and in order to recover the loss of revenue and increase the positioning of the brand in the region, Metro has decided to focus on the expansion and development of new digital-only products.

Based on the digital strategy that Metro have been developing during the last 5 years that is based on data strategies to develop new tools for editorial and commercial teams to make their job easier and optimize in one hand the content production workflow and in an other hand to monetize better by implementing data platforms (DMP, SSP) to get much revenue for each reader.

These tools and data analysis help the product team to identify that a significant audience was consuming content from the US on Metro’s websites. On average, 3 millions of people were reading the content and were monetizing 4x more than the average user of LATAM.

The team developed a whole new product in October 2020 that unified the centralize all contents (12,000 of posts per month) from Metro’s products under an API that will be consumed for US-Hispanics target under the website In the editorial side, a team of 3 journalists was created to build content based on data targeting Mexican related audiences in the US. Commercially speaking, the programmatic sales team built a strategy to get private, prefer and guarantee deals from major agencies in the US targeting multicultural audiences, reaching a next level of customers in a whole new market, using the same existing resources of the team.

Results for this campaign

The website of was launched in October 2020 and organically increased from 3 millions of users on average during the last 9 months to 4.49 millions of users on the launching month.

On average, before October 2020 by 1,000 users in the US, the revenue was about $4 USD, that was 4x more than the average of Latin America products.

By implementing data tools in the Ad Operations side and building an API that will get all the contents that Metro already produces (about 12,000 pieces a month) to display them into a new website optimized for the programmatic sales market and US-Hispanic readers, the monthly revenue increased 3.3x times and getting $8.80 USD per 1,000 users on average.

Based on those results, the team decided to hire 3 journalists in Mexico to focus the content production for the Mexican audience in the top 5 states of the US, expecting to reach 8 millions of users by the end of 2021.


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