The Bezzerwizzer Christmas Battle
2021 Finalist

The Bezzerwizzer Christmas Battle


Copenhagen, Denmark

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Overview of this campaign

Politiken is a dynamic newspaper with its finger on the pulse. When we embarked on what would eventually become “The Bezzerwizzer* Christmas Battle”, our ambition was to create engaging and entertaining content that would attract both subscribers and non-subscribers to register their details with us.

The battle was between Politiken readers and 24 journalists. For each of the 24 days leading up to Christmas, readers were invited to challenge a Politiken journalist at his or her specialised topic, with the chance to win a daily prize.

We collaborated with Bezzerwizzer—a Danish developer of quizzes and board games to create fun and engaging questions. Topics included everything from politics and climate, TV-shows and movies, to literature and romance.

Every day from the 1st to 24th of December, a new quiz appeared on Politiken’s homepage, showcasing the journalist and topic of the day, followed by a series of questions for readers to answer. At the end of the daily quiz, a prize was revealed, which could be anything from a board game to a year’s digital subscription. This was accompanied by a registration form encouraging the reader to register and take part in the draw for the prize of the day. If the reader had beaten the journalist’s quiz score they would be awarded an additional five tokens in the draw, increasing their chance of winning and giving them a further incentive to register.

This registration initiated a 24-day personalised journey for the reader. Every day, they received an email in which they were encouraged to compete against the journalist of the day. The email also contained a calendar where the reader’s quiz score for the previous day(s) would appear, if they had participated.

The quiz served two purposes: registering and gathering first-party data and advertising permissions from non-subscribers and being a fun daily activity for everyone—subscribers and non-subscribers alike.

*Bezzerwizzer is a well-known Danish general knowledge game similar to Trivial Pursuit.

Results for this campaign

When we launched the campaign on the 1st of December, two already-established marketing strategies were set in motion. These were different for internal and external channels of digital marketing.   

Internally, 60% of our website traffic comes from anonymous users, meaning that we don’t know who they are, or from where they’ve entered our site. Gathering first-party data from these anonymous users could be of very high value. To increase our chances of capturing their attention, we used already existing ad-spots on our homepage and pop-ups to encourage website users onto the quiz page. Our aim is always to make our content engaging in a relevant way to the user, so we created special pop-up formats that would only show when a user was reading an article written by the “journalist of the day”. The pop-up encouraged the reader to challenge that very same journalist in the day’s quiz.


Externally, we made use of both Facebook and email marketing to reach non-subscribers and keep current subscribers engaged. When the campaign launched, we sent out an introductory email to both subscribers and non-subscribers who had already agreed to direct marketing. This proved to be especially effective regarding our subscribers: 6,4% took part in the quiz directly from this initial email. On Facebook, we used a combination of personalised and generic ads about our featured journalists and editors and this worked well, with almost 600,000 views, 25,000 clicks and CTR of 4,36%. 


Our efforts resulted in a total of almost 400,000 quizzes taken with an average of 16,413 contestants per quiz. Once the campaign ended, we’d gained 8,712 new permissions after we sorted out the users who withdrew their consent whilst the quiz was still going. Approximately 25% of these permissions came from non-subscribers, which will now allow us to reach new audiences.


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