2021 Finalist

Data Lab’s Project

Jagran Prakashan

New Delhi, India

Category Data and Research

Overview of this campaign

The core objectives were:

  1. To drive new advertising using data science.
  2. To drive incremental revenue from existing advertisers


For achieving the above mentioned, we created a dashboard giving real time data of all ad campaigns and network performance running across platforms & properties. The dashboard features inventory forecasting based on sophisticated understanding of audience segments and their consumption behaviour, historical sales volumes, pricing, and inventory performance, etc.


The dashboard was based on the 3 key principles:


  1. Performance Management: It allowed Jagran to evaluate and compare historic performance against current performance.
  2. Forecasting: It allowed Jagran to understand how changes in key variables will affect key goals and performance. It also helped in managing inventory and achieving key targets.
  3. Troubleshooting: It allowed Jagran to easily identify issues, areas of concern or properties with low revenue. This will enable the ad operations team to quickly identify, investigate and resolve problems.


The approach helped us in:


  1. Analysing inventory type composition and compare this to previous periods and average benchmarks.
  2. Optimizing performance of campaigns on the basis of ad unit wise.
  3. Optimizing performance of campaigns on the basis of devices (Mobile/Desktop/Tablet)


One of biggest change that the dashboard got around was the relationship between viewability and CPM. With the help of the insights shared by the dashboard we were able to define the co-relation between viewability and CPM and as a result the sales team were able to sell premium inventory on the basis of viewability.


Results for this campaign

  1. Upsell using Viewability – a higher CPM and larger impression buys. We have managed this in multiple cases where a CPM upswing of 25-30% has been taken on campaigns with a viewability commitment of 60-65%, as against 50% standard of the industry.
  2. Campaigns with low eCPM designated to low viewability placements. Thus keeping the premium inventory available for premium campaigns. In more than 20 days during the peak festive period, we ran atleast 10 different campaigns segregated basis viewability, thus ensured optimal monetization of available inventory.
  3. Av CTR has gone up by 12-15%, Av CPM is now up by 18-20%, and its impact on revenue are visible easily. There is no longer need for sales to spend time in analysing the impact.
  4. Sales pitches – we are now making 50% of pitches based on data insights of eCPM, viewability, ad unit performance, placements co-relations and it has led to 15% higher conversions with clients that use data insights.  
  5. Discovery of New clients and their interest from dashboard, who have bought inventory through Adex. Discovered close to 150 new clients, who have been approached and have seen 10% conversions too.
  6. Month on Month comparison helps us to work out how well have we used the inventory available and further scope of improvement as an ongoing process.





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