Rising India
2021 Finalist

Rising India

Jagran Prakashan

New Delhi, India

Category Social Media

Overview of this campaign

A marquee thought leadership initiative of Jagran New Media and Facebook, Rising India campaign (https://www.jagran.com/search/jeetegabharat) aims at throwing light over the innovative practices happening on the ground from all across the country and pertaining to all walks of life so that people at large could effectively cope up with the challenges thrown upon by the Covid-19 pandemic. The series of special stories underscores how people at every possible level from rural hinterland to the shining metros of the fast growing country, are trying to bring positive changes to the society and people who need them. The series is also a chronicle of India’s rise as a prosperous country as it also reflects how far we have moved ahead in terms of growth, prosperity, cohesion and ultimately as a nation. The series includes success stories of all sorts including successful developmental initiatives of people who hardly have learnt any management lesson to those whose innovative social and scientific ways and means helped India win the war against the vicious cycle of the pandemic that engulfed almost the entire country and rattled all like anything. The story series does suggest how rich in ideas can the rural people be when it comes to rescuing people in trouble, bringing smile on the face of the sufferers and thinking out of the box when needs strike the door. This series is a unique combination of Ideas of different shades and hues.


Results for this campaign

Rising India campaign brought expected results, inspiring a whole lot of people to strive for positive changes, especially in the wake of the Corona virus pandemic, which halted and shattered life like never before in the history of mankind across the globe. The story series brought the good works into light, specifically the unsung heroes who selflessly and tirelessly work for the betterment of the society. The positive and constructive changes brought before the world through stories in dozens, inspired millions of people, who appreciated the campaign through messages, mails and letters. Readers across the generations liked the campaign as it ignited their passion to do something good for the society they belong to. When people were reeling under severe distress because of the corona pandemic, this series of highly inspiring stories gave them the much needed hope and respite that there are also a whole lot of people who think selflessly and yearn to do something for the society. This campaign also nourished the long cherished Indian ethos of community welfare, bringing people together to work for a common cause. Countless stories of people serving others when in need, rejuvenated the fast declining humanitarian value system. 

The first part of the campaign started in the month of May, 2020, got 287,377 impressions and 8670 engagement on Twitter and Facebook reach of 2,970,055, while the second part of the campaign which started in December, got 102,272 impressions and 4,452 engagement on Twitter and Facebook reach of 5,664,103 and engagement of 71,594.




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