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Daily Maverick Live Journalism Webinars

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Overview of this campaign

At the time of implementation, April 2020, our main objective for Daily Maverick’s “Work-from-Home” webinars was to stay connected and engaged with our members and readers during the Covid-19 lockdown. We wanted to create meaningful content that our viewers could trust and participate in, as well as keep them updated with the truth from experts at a time when misinformation was rife. Crucially, like all Daily Maverick content, our Live Journalism webinars were free for all to attend.

The initial goals included staying connected to our readers, creating an alternative revenue stream for Daily Maverick in the form of sponsorship, taking the opportunity to capture a new audience for the Daily Maverick stable, and introduce our current audience to an alternative way of consuming content as well as participating in engaged journalism. Above all, we knew it was important to create meaningful content and uphold Daily Maverick’s editorial standards as this is what the readers have come to know and trust. What started as the traditional idea of webinars, used to inform our readers, soon transformed into live journalism where the audience could not only participate, but also frame the conversation.

As the aim of the webinars is to inform and engage with as many readers as possible, we adopted social media to further grow our attendees. We use Twitter and Instagram during the events to create awareness around the discussions and encourage more readers to join the conversation. To increase the longevity, engagement and reach of each webinar, we created an on-demand strategy for each virtual conversation. This includes posting a recording of the webinar, as well as a post-webinar article published on Daily Maverick. We then circulate these assets in the webinar newsletter and within the various Daily Maverick mailers.

Results for this campaign

The launch of Live Journalism webinars has resulted in a new division for Daily Maverick and a uniquely engaged audience for the brand. Through the webinars we have created five new engagement touchpoints for our readers.

  • The webinar newsletter launched in July 2020;

  • The pre-webinar questionnaires;

  • The live webinar where the audience puts questions directly to the panelists;

  • The post-webinar article written and published for Daily Maverick; and

The recorded webinar which is uploaded to YouTube and shared across multiple platforms.

Since inception, the webinar database has reached a total of just more than 27,000 subscribers and has an average open-rate of 32%.

The pre-submitted questions are shared with the host and panellists in advance to get a better understanding of the audience’s needs. We also use the poll functionality in the live webinar when the host needs to get an idea of who has tuned in. For example, if the webinar is focusing on SMEs, we might post a poll asking how many in the audience own their own business. The chat room in every webinar is incredibly active with questions and comments. After the webinar the chat log is sent to the journalist who is writing it up so they can further tackle queries that the webinar host may not have got to within the hour.

Each post-webinar article receives an average of 79,965 reads and each recording has an average of 13,671 views. These statistics show just how relevant the content is and how our engagement with our readers continues long after the webinar.

Our maximum attendees reached was 1,991 and minimum was 318, with an average of 826 attendees per webinar. We have maintained a stable conversion rate of approximately 63.8% as the maximum registrations have been 2,849 and a minimum of 489, bringing the average registration rate to 1,285 per webinar. This is almost 20% above the industry standard for conversion rates.


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