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Overview of this campaign

Our 2020 campaign goal promised to boost engagement, readership and subscription rates by giving audiences a clear take-out for why they need The New Zealand Herald in their lives.

Foremost, we sought to present the Herald as a quality, trusted source of news in stark contrast to questionable content shared on social media and more ‘surface-level’ sources of mainstream news. Our aim was to remind consumers of what was at stake and the value of the Herald in bringing the truth to bare.  

An authoritative tone was adopted to underline trust in the masthead, twinning thoughtful headlines with impactful news visuals to draw intrigue. Compelling photo montages served as works of art in themselves, designed to both showcase the Herald’s breadth of content and provide an updatable canvas to reflect to the concerns of the moment.

Our ability to deliver the very latest news was a key message, informed by a survey that identified our chief competitor as challenging our reputation for breaking stories. Backing our content teams' response, we embraced a new tagline ‘Know now’ that would bind our brand campaign with tactical marketing across the year.  

We also wished to present the brand as representing local voices, albeit often on global and universal topics. The phrase ‘New Zealand’s Herald’ was adopted in all communications and we pointed to ‘Seeing the World through Kiwi eyes’, highlighting an expanded world news component to our digital subscription package.

Central to the brief however was the task in highlighting the brand’s role in providing a greater understanding – not just breaking the news, but helping audiences to fully comprehend it, appreciate its significance, and postulate its likely consequences. These we saw as core benefits to subscribing to the Herald’s ‘Premium’ paid content, a key component in our ongoing ability to serve audiences.

We were also mindful of our audience and our challenge to attract younger and more diverse readership, which directly informed our model choices and media placement.  



Results for this campaign

Headspace proved intriguing, disruptive, and highly effective.

TVCs stood clear of tv-schedule clatter thanks to powerful visuals and an involving, atmospheric soundscape. These we re-purposed for high-quality web, pre-roll and social executions, while billboards on arterial routes carried head-turning representations of the creative. Existing readers were targeted via impactful print ads. 

For each channel we gave thought to our model demographic and featured topics. Domestic, world, business and lighter, summer executions highlighted a diversity of content, and were refreshed as events evolved.

Results were impressive: 

  • The Herald increased readership by 26% year-on-year, reaching 585,000 daily readers and a brand audience of nearly 2 million every week. * 
  • Two months into our campaign, nzherald.co.nz became the most popular NZ news site – a top spot it continues to hold. ** 
  • The Herald recorded a remarkable 33% increase in digital and print subscribers from June to November. *** 
  • nzherald.co.nz recorded a 14% increase in those turning to the site for breaking news. ****  
  • The Herald successfully attracted more young New Zealanders. Year-on-year our 18-29 readership increased by a staggering 51%. * 
  • We made in-roads among rural digital readers, increasing our South Island digital readership by 4%. 
  • Nearly a third of Herald Premium readers subscribe for International content – an increase of 10% compared to the same time last year **** 
  • Engagement also increased. On an average day, Herald readers are spending 43 mins reading –?up 8 mins compared to results seen earlier this year. *

Overall Headspace has proven to be a highly profitable strategic initiative demonstrating a hunger and enthusiasm for a clear, unbiased presentation of the facts that good New Zealand journalism is known for. 

Headspace is ongoing and will continue to grow and evolve well into 2021. 



* Nielsen CMI Q4 19 – Q3 20  

** Nielsen Online Ratings December 2020 

*** Herald Subscriptions data 2020 

**** NZH Survey Dec 2020 n=1936


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