2021 Finalist


Funke Mediengruppe

Berlin, Germany

Category Readership and Engagement

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Overview of this campaign

The goal of the Coronavirus Monitor was to become the main source of information for people in Germany about the pandemic situation. Therefore, it was initially released very early as a Minimal Valuable Product, with simple presentation of the currently known numbers per country and German state, and then immediately further developed and enhanced with strong features that were to stand out from the offer of others. The application was intended to serve as the first point of contact for users several times a day for all their coronavirus information needs. To that end, it provided hourly updated numbers in an easy-to-use dashboard from the start, while government agencies and other media brands didn't yet offer any formats at all other than daily press releases and news. The main goal was to become THE coronavirus information application for German-speaking countries, making the regional brand known beyond the already existing readership as an excellent and fast source for current news and information, and to forward the thus regular, large stream of users to other offers of the brands, profiting from the generated attention, keeping the Click Through Rate as high as possible.

Results for this campaign

As the Coronavirus Monitor was the first major dashboard offering on coronavirus in German (first case in Germany February 27, launch March 04), and offered real added value to the Johns Hopkins University dashboard through its additional data on Germany's states as well as features such as the time slider, it landed a visitor success right on the first day, breaking the Groups record with more than eight million visits. This record was to be topped again and again in the following days. The enormous rush was kept stable by constantly integrating new features, reacting quickly to new information or information needs, and keeping the Monitor one step ahead of the competition in many of its offerings. The enormous flow of visitors - more than 300 million page views in 2020 - was specifically forwarded to other brand offerings. Directly below the map, the user gets the current headline of the brands newsblog and a call to jump to it for further information. Users can subscribe to the coronavirus newsletter or jump to the ICU monitor, which shows the current situation in Germany's hospitals. Other visualizations, such as the vaccination progress in Germany, are only a summary of the vaccination monitor, to which users are forwarded here. From all these products and articles, users are led to further resources and offers, keeping the Click Through Rate high. In addition to the gigantic visitor success of the Coronavirus Monitor itself, the visitor flow was in this way successfully forwarded. Our analyses show that the success in newsletter registration and also the visitor success of the news blog come significantly from users who were forwarded to these offers via the Coronavirus Monitor.  Even new subscriptions often had the Coronavirus Monitor as their entry page. The goal of creating a viral landing page and keeping the stream of visitors actively engaged in the brands' offers with as little loss as possible and over a long time period has thus been very successfully achieved.


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