Corona Surf Reports
2021 Winner

Corona Surf Reports


Auckland, New Zealand

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Overview of this campaign

Corona approached us with a simple objective:

Create ultimate relevance for their brand by bringing to life their iconic Summer-themed strapline “from where you’d rather be”.

We were to include a number of factors in our response:

  • Reflect Corona’s TVC and Outdoor brand assets, which were based on the experience of surfing
  • Call on the strength of our channels – data-driven mobile and radio
  • Deliver broad reach to AP25-54
  • Get the Corona brand as close to the beach as possible
  • Content was to help the audience to get to ‘where they’d rather be’

Budgets didn’t extend far enough to give Corona a dominant share of voice in the busy pre-Christmas season – we needed to deliver immediacy and relevance in order to cut through.

This formed the context for our response.

We would deliver a campaign built on the experience of surfing, delivered close to the beach, helping the audience to get ‘where they’d rather be,’ with immediacy and relevance.

The strategy was born:

  • We would solving the relevancy issue by offering individually-targeted content
    We’d deliver this content in close proximity to the beach – within a 20km radius
  • We’d give Corona a useful role in helping our audience to be ‘where they’d rather be’ – the beach
  • And we’d deliver the message on mobile – interrupting the journey of ‘where you’re going’ with live information on ‘where you’d rather be.’

This strategy led to the single-minded creative objective:

We would deliver live surf reports, primarily on mobile, within 20km of each of our best surf beaches. Surf reports would speak directly to the conditions at that beach… Presented by Corona.


Results for this campaign

This campaign enabled the delivery of 751,000 surf reports made up of 6,400 possible combinations of data, live, in real time, to location-targeted surfers.

It was also about driving relevancy with Kiwi’s spending their summer days at the beach through associating with our popular sub culture surfing and beaches. Reinforcing the iconic From Where You’d Rather Be campaign (when the name Corona had been aligned to other negative associations in 2020).

This technically demanding achievement was made possible only due to the close partnership between NZME and Adswizz.

Research indicated the conditions surfers most cared about: location, wind speed and direction, and swell. Every possible condition for each factor was considered, and a pre-recorded segment of audio prepared for each variant – 6400 pre-recorded segments in total.

These segments were stitched together at the moment of delivery based on live weather data, and delivered through iHeartRadio.

  • Generic introduction
    Introduced Corona, launched a classic surf music soundbed for the rest of the ad, and was followed by;
  • Dynamic location name: 20 of the best-known surf beaches around the country were named. Each ad was targeted within a tight 20km radius of the named beach
  • Live dynamic wind direction: 16 wind directions were extracted from live weather reports
  • Live dynamic wind speeds were grouped and reported from 30 different values covered in live weather reports
  • Live dynamic wave heights were grouped and reported from 39 values, again sourced from live reports
  • Closing with a Corona brand statement “from where you’d rather be”

The result was an advertisement that sounded exactly like a seamless, live-read surf report… That just happened to be from the beach down the road.

95% of ads were served to mobile, reaching consumers when they were on the move at the critical juncture of “where they were going” with a message of “where they’d rather be”

With a 99.6% listen-through rate, we knew that we’d achieved the goal. Relevant, personal messaging had cut through to the point that our mass audience were willing to listen to the entire thing.

Corona saw an improvement in their brand equity metric “a brand that appeals to me” of 2% during their summer activity, a key result of driving relevancy with Kiwi beach goers.

Thanks to Corona, this audience was as close as possible to ‘where they’d rather be.’


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