Kickstart! How We Engaged Our Subscribers by Getting Them Off the Couch
2021 Finalist

Kickstart! How We Engaged Our Subscribers by Getting Them Off the Couch


Stockholm, Sweden

Category Digital Subscriptions

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Overview of this campaign


1. To maintain our rapid growth in new subscribers with the aim to further increase digital reader revenues.


2. Learn more about our subscribers and their expectations to be able to create a stronger bond between them and Expressen.


3. Convince as many existing subscribers as possible to stay with us by providing them with relevant content within their sphere of interest – health – making them more engaged and loyal!

Results for this campaign


  • We were amazed by the result: almost 7000 of our subscribers chose to join the program! 

  • We also managed to attract more than 500 new subscribers!

  • The interest from the subscribers has been enormous: the newsletters we send to them have an average open rate by 52%, the subscribers are very active in the live chats we have arranged with our helath experts and we have received large amounts of emails from subscribers asking questions to the experts.

  • During 2020 we went from 70 000 to 118 000 subscribers. 

  • In total, our churn rate decreased by 29% last year.

  • We met our revenue target and 80% of our loss in revenue from print was compensated by revenue from digital subscriptions.

  • The health club Kickstart helped doing that by ensuring good retention and to reduce churn providing our subscribers with something the found very useful in their everyday lives.


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