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Johannesburg, South Africa

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Overview of this campaign

This video series showcased unsung healthcare heroes and gave viewers a reason to feel truly, proudly South African. We asked the public to share their stories and nominate their medical and healthcare heroes. Season 1, launched in February-July 2020, featured 12 videos focussed on practising professionals, the doctor that went above and beyond, the pharmacist who is always there to listen and advise. Season 2, which launched in September-December 2020, moved to focus on the aspiring medical students and offer them a much needed mentorship and featured 10 videos of this experience. The public was then encouraged to vote on these feature videos and the campaign wrapped with 2 winners per season being announced, one a judges choice selected by the panel of judges and one decided by the readers votes.

The video campaign rolled out across web, mobile, app and social media and TV, with TVC, promo/teaser videos and full features, CTA videos and online awards ceremony videos (highlights and full), 57 videos in total were produced for this campaign. Additionally the videos reached across online and TV, through SABC’s afternoon express show, which would feature the video launched on News24 the following week, extending the projects videos reach even further. The campaign was further supported by outstream videos across the network. 

Results for this campaign

The response was phenomenal. Overall the wesbite hosting the videos has received over 2,1 million pageviews and an average time on page on 4min 07. The top performing video received over 165,000 pageviews, the top performing average time on a feature video was 8min 21 and the video of the full online awards ceremony boosts an average view time of 24min 54.  

During the call for nominations of brave healthcare professionals and students we received over 4000 nominations from people all around South Africa. The combined 22 feature videos received almost 28,000 votes for the reader’s choice award. We’re thrilled to have used the power and emotion of video to bring this campaign to our readers and the people of South Africa and honour the brave aspiring and professional healthcare workers. 

Stats pulled from Google Analytics:

Pageviews reached HUB: 2,134,759
Unique Pageviews HUB: 1,938,356
Average time on page HUB: 4:07

Nominations: 4 279
Votes: 27 879

Outstream video: 6 814 055 impressions
in view time: 193,35 seconds compared to a benchmark of 12 seconds 
viewability: 83.60%, benchmark 71% 


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