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2021 Winner

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Gothenburg, Sweden

Category Advertising Sales and Retention

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Overview of this campaign

We identified big challenges on the market that we wanted to take on.

  • New competition with different business models and more analytics
  • Sales representatives having to handle a declining print business with new solutions in digital advertising
  • Outdated systems not developed for, or not agile enough, for digital advertising
  • Combining the ad business with the reader business
  • Boost value on ad impressions
  • Monetizing our own data while handling the issue with 3rd-partycookies

The solution we developed:

A new platform enabling targeted engagement on Stampens different sites, as well as targeting based on data such as geography, age, interrests and gender on Stampen and on Schibsteds sites.

Results for this campaign

For Stampen Media, this new way of targeting has provided countless of advantages and assets. Over all, we see the amount of satisfied customers, wanting to continue the collusion, increase in large numbers.

Furthermore, we daily witness how this provides our salesforce with a more professional appearance. They now feel that they can master a completely different conversation with the customer.

Moreover, looking at concrete figures, the changed rethorics, the increased effect and the more targeted ads, this meant that we could charge customers with a higher CPM .
Therefore, in 2020, we increased the CPM from an average of 70SEK to an average of just over the double. 
105% increase to be exact.

During a year of a pandemic, we managed to increase our total digital advertising business by + 8%.


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