Inmersión Clarín
2021 Finalist

Inmersión Clarín

Grupo Clarín

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Category Product Development

Overview of this campaign

Our main goal was to strengthen the bond between readers and the values of in depth and pedagogical journalism our brand is associated with by the public. With our 75th anniversary approaching we wanted to do so by positioning Clarín as a pioneer media company that dares to incorporate the new available tools and can do so while reinforcing the role of professional investigative journalism we are known for. Especially in regards to a more direct relationship with readers because it was our desire to make it understandable to everyone what goes on behind the scenes and what is actually needed for this kind of journalism to take place.

We decided to showcase that by doing so in a way that readers left the experience with a renewed interest in how and why it is important to value this kind of approach in the current trend-friendly media ecosystem. Therefore, we explored the possibilities that messaging apps offer for new narratives to be invented. We did so by using an array of available formats: text, video, audio but also phone calls, mails, AR, 3D mapping.

With this approach we hoped to make a product that would interpellate the business by elevating the role of our journalists, editors, photographers, visual and design teams and editorial staff. We believe it is possible to make accessible content for all that is at the same time pushing the boundaries when it comes to new ways of producing and delivering the news and having a direct channel of communication with those who consume it.

Inmersión Clarín was an attempt at that.

Results for this campaign

The experiment was successful in helping consolidate the relationship with a large group of our avid readers and the brand. They appreciated the caring behind this product and by being in touch with our talent and following the experience they felt closer to the paper than ever before. Now they feel they have a closer relationship with us and a better understanding of everything that goes behind the scenes and makes possible the final product they are accustomed to consume. We arrived at this conclusion by reading the comments users left during and after using the chatbot.

Another very important result of this work is its collaborative and innovative nature. Journalists and people with different jobs in diverse teams got the chance to work together for the first time and did it so in many cases by dipping their toes for the very first time in regards to some of the tools needed. The outcome in this matter was phenomenal: everyone left this experience invigorated and we all felt the need to continue the path of finding new ways of producing and telling stories that matter to our readers and us.

Finally, in hindsight, INMERSIÓN feels like a much needed stepping stone towards building a more tech-friendly and forward-thinking spirit in regards to our brand’s identity. Positioning a legacy brand, such as Clarín, as a news company that looks to its future not with caution but with imagination and dare was always our main goal and being an early adopter of different formats, platforms and creating new storytelling techniques with the help of establishing new interdisciplinary teams in the process is a clear way of heading in that direction.


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