Metro´s Data Strategy
2021 Finalist

Metro´s Data Strategy

Metro World News

Santiago, Chile

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Overview of this campaign

Metro World News currently has operations in 10 different countries in LATAM, with 13 digital products reaching 80 millions of monthly users and 260 millions of pageviews.

After a flat 2020 in terms of audience growth and the twists caused by several events last year and some algorithm updates on Facebook and Google prioritizing authority, relevance and originality on the content, the formula that Metro developed to scale from 15 millions of monthly users to 80 million in 4 years had to be completely updated to a new era of higher standards of quality and connection with the audience.

Metro by the support of GNI developed collaboratively with a Digital agency, a whole new data strategy to understand and connect with the audience using data tools that will allow Metro to define their digital products, understand the how the audience consume content on different platforms, how to optimize the content production driven by data insights and how to analyse the competition in order to position the products with a unique value proposition that will make a difference in terms of authority, trustworthy and originality.

This strategy has 4 items: 

1. Democratize the data across the teams by building dashboards and tools to help them understand how the audience behave on the contents that each journalist produces and including goals to be followed on a daily basis in the editorial morning meetings.

2. Use and analyse data with tools such as Google Analytics, Trends, News, Facebook Analytics, CrowdTangle, ahrefs and semRush to build user personas, identify sources, discover content, analyse competitors, enrich the articles with editorial resources and define date and time of publication for soft and evergreen contents.

3. Provide insights to editors in terms of content optimization, such as title composition, use of images, keywords, article length and editorial resources based on data analysis.

4. Understand how to follow up the strategy using spreadsheet and project management tools to make sure it will be implemented properly.

Results for this campaign

For the project execution, the product team has implemented the main four points mentioned before by democratizing the data access across editorial and commercial teams, building in-house reports that helps editors and journalists to understand much better their content and how the audience consumes it for each traffic source, category, keyword and time. These reports ended up on an automated email that gives perspective of how each of the team performs, which are the top content of last day, last 7 days and last 28 days on each category and traffic source to identify patterns. Also a monthly automated report of publication, for each author the hours of content publication versus content consumption (pageviews) on each category, to understand much better when to publish the contents based on audience behaviour. 

The product team with methodology brought by the Agency and Google built on each product of Metro user’s personas to help journalists relate with them and make the discovery and production process by adding a name, a face to the audience they are addressing.

A few data analysis were provided by thousands of articles to understand the best structure of the articles, for example longer titles, or 600 word extension of article body, use of key phrases and keywords on title, except and slug, among others recommendations on the content production.

And last but not least, the follow up tools and email automation of reports that will help editors execute properly the whole strategy.

All of these ended up with a better quality of product in terms of originality, authority on some topics and categories and trustworthy.


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