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Rockgas Database and Census Data Match

Rockgas Database and Census Data Match


Auckland, New Zealand

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Overview of this campaign

The residential gas market in New Zealand is very small with piped and bottled gas only accounting for just 18.1% (Census 2018) of primary heating.  Due to a stable and inflexible pricing structure and undifferentiated product offering, acquiring new, and converting existing, customers to your service is difficult.  Rockgas wanted to find smarter ways of targeting new and existing Gas users.


Covid had also provided some opportunities to converting home owners to gas due a renewed focus on home improvements.


In close collaboration with “Together” – Rockgas’s media agency, NZME’s data  team set about some guiding objectives for this ‘smart data targeting’ work.

These objectives were:

  • Performance is key:

Conversion rate of over 0.5% of clickers to the Rockgas website
Ad CTR of over 0.5%.  Brand lift was also an important metric.

  • Consider all possible data sources:
    First party data was the first port of call, but second and third party data was also to be considered with the aim of building a bespoke Rockgas probabilistic prospecting base in partnership with NZME.
  • Efficiency and Relentlessly optimize:
    Data matching needed to be efficient.
    As it progressed, Covid was fast changing user behaviour’s and this needed to be accounted for in optimizing and finding new audiences.


Firstly we did a first party data match from Rockgas customer data on NZME data and based on behavioral affinity analysis we developed look-a-like audiences.


We also looked to the data on a particular question on the recent (2018) NZ Census which was “What is your main source of home heating”. We found all suburbs that over indexed (compared to population) for Gas as their main source of heating.  We then mapped NZME users to these suburbs using a fuzzy address look up.  This provided a cohort of users and we developed look-a-likes for this audience.

Pixels were deployed to the Rockgas website landing pages and conversion pages pushing data back to the DMP and helping to build additional cohorts for targeting.

Results for this campaign

The results of the campaign were excellent:  

  1. Exceptional Performance

    Over the period of the campaign, the Rockgas  CTR for the targeted audiences outperformed 3x every other audience targeted campaign running on NZME from any advertiser.


Rockgas - NZME Campaign Impressions: 3.1m

NZME Campaign Clicks: 29.6K

NZME CTR: 0.95


NZME Average Custom Audience CTR for Same period: 0.33


Source Google Ad Manager reports.


  1. A window into customer behavior and demographics.

    NZME has a huge amount of behavioural data and we were able to provide exceptional insights into Rockgas customers demographics and behaviours, helping to design future campaigns.



  1. A winter to remember for Rockgas.

    In spite of the ‘Covid winter’, Rockgas had an exceptional conversion rate and the wider campaign drove their biggest winter ever for new customer growth.

“The website engagement we saw on the traffic from NZME was double when compared to other channels as part of the plan.” - Suraj Barnawal - Together Agency


Rockgas found that of the visitors from NZME campaigns, they had a 1% customer conversion rate – outperforming the target of 0.5%.


  1. 4.     Continuous improvement.


Due to Covid, we reviewed the targeting regularly, during the campaign, live sport (with crowds) became available again, we were able to see this shift in our audience look a likes (rugby) and shift our targeting to sports.  Additionally, we were able to validate and expand our audience targeting by identifying convertors via the tags deployed on the Rockgas website. 


Rockgas has since booked other audience campaigns with NZME and we enjoy a close relationship with their agency.  This was a truly exceptional campaign in the midst of a winter of upheaval and angst – a diamond in the covid rough.


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