2021 Finalist



Antwerp, Belgium

Category Digital Subscriptions

Overview of this campaign

In recent years very few publishers found effective ways to log in large numbers of readers. We too introduced numerous features in our attempt to log in users, ranging from ‘save this article’ or ‘follow this topic’ to blocking content behind a login wall. In our experience readers were not willing to log in for features or content that previously did not require to log in, were sceptical to identify themselves in or did not stay logged in (eg contest). We found it very challenging to persuade a vast number of readers to log in and stay logged in, until now.

New research from 2019 taught us that the willingness to log-in for ‘exclusive or live’ videos, ranked number 1 in our poll. Since LIVE video had never been introduced in our product, at this scale, the launch of HLN LIVE gave us a unique opportunity to request readers to log-in.

Well aware of the potential impact on the number of viewers - and thus potential success for HLN LIVE - we nonetheless were convinced that this type of content - and the frequency/relevance - would be very appealing to log in.

Results for this campaign

Throughout 2020 we saw a record number of 425.000 sessions on our website that logged in to see HLN LIVE. From which an estimate of 9.3% were new registrations, filling out first-party data such as first-name, last name, zip code, address, gender, age and several brand of newsletter optin.

Our analytics clearly indicated that HLN LIVE has been the driver of our incredible growth of logged in users on our website and app, with an immediate impact on our percentage of logged-in users on march 18th (soft launch only during breaking news events) and final launch on april 20th (broadcasting 24/7).

Starting in may we started a national marketing campaign on tv, online video & display, e-mail and print. Obviously the covid crisis generated a lot of major news events and important press conferences - both nationally and worldwide - in the months following the launch.

Additionally Belgium’s newly installed government, Space X’s Crew Dragon launch, numerous football games of our national football team, the Champions League or major cycling races each resulted in spikes of new logged in users. On these moments we scheduled extra performance marketing messages (browser push, app push, in-app messagens) in our products to maximise the number of viewers, and therefore also the number of logged in users.


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