2021 Finalist

Savlon and Jagran New Media

Jagran New Media

New Delhi, India

Category Video

Overview of this campaign

Our strategic approach to the requirement was based on capturing real life experiences while traveling, managing their households and much more, in the ever changing Covid situation. At the same time, it was key to integrated brand with the right influencer at the right time. The use case scenarios ranging from travel, to grocery shopping, to mother’s concerns and others, were scripted with an effort to engage with the audience and educating them on how to manage situation they may be in, and thus bring about a change in their lifestyles, with subtle brand integration and planning all communication COVID Centric products under one voice.

Another challenge was to create a truly impactful, authentic communication, connecting the users & the brand with a purpose by touching lives and improving lives with the help of various influencers. At any point, it was not meant to scare consumers or to fill them with any negativity, rather bring in an element of positivity and way to manage. Communication objective was that, yes there is a situation and it can be tackled easily by following few precautions which was practiced by the featuring influencer. Each video’s objective was designed to answer all those queries on how can one remain safe in current times, and not get perturbed by the noise around them

Results for this campaign

We picked up one / multiple influencers for each of the product line as each had their own set of strong social followers, and then build the story with their real life experiences. These influencers played different roles, that of professionals, that of home maker, that of travel freak, etc. and showed how convenient it was for them to manage themselves keeping Savlon products handy. By doing so, we were able to leverage both Jagran’s and Influencer’s strength to subtly push the brand in the mind space of the consumer, through education and instilling a change in their lifestyles.

Videos produced: 12

Reach of the series: 59.5 M users



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