Dame Tres Minutos Y Te Explico
2021 Winner

Dame Tres Minutos Y Te Explico

El Colombiano

Envigado, Colombia

Category Audio

Overview of this campaign

- Innovate with a format that has the benefits of the traditional podcast, but adapts to the routines and needs of our audience, not used to listening to long audios and, instead, very given to listen to those short audios that are shared through social media, especially WhatsApp.
- To take advantage of the mechanism used by fake news that are spread by platforms such as WhatsApp and invite the audience to stop sharing those dubious audios and better share with their acquaintances, in their family, work, friends and neighbors groups this brief, fresh content with information that has the seal of quality, trust, clarity and independence of the newspaper EL COLOMBIANO.
- Diversify funding sources for the newspaper's journalistic projects and for innovative formats such as the mini-podcast DAME TRES MINUTOS Y TE EXPLICO. In this case, the podcast was produced through an alliance with Bancolombia, the largest bank in the country, without compromising the editorial independence of the medium.
- To create content in an innovative format, in which all those involved benefit. How? Citizens become financially educated and make better decisions with their money. The newspaper also benefits by fulfilling its mission to inform and educate audiences and bring them interesting content, and these podcasts help to build audience loyalty and win over new users. The sponsor also gets what it seeks by achieving a healthier banking system and linking its brand with quality financial content.

Results for this campaign

1) Brand Positioning: This format made it possible for EL COLOMBIANO's users to connect with this media as the ally that helps them understand and manage their personal finances. In its 109 years of existence, EL COLOMBIANO has been characterized by covering general information; however, with this project it was able to compete with newspapers specialized in economics and position itself in a topic such as personal finance and in a new format such as audio.
2) Participation: One of the most attractive results is to realize the usefulness that users find in our content, when publishing audios it is normal that most users do not stay until the end of the content, however, in DAME TRES MINUTOS Y TE EXPLICO the time spent on our website is 3:52 minutes, enough time to play one of the chapters on financial education. The main distribution channel for these minipodcast is Whatsapp, where we have 10,000 subscribers, who in turn have shared it to their friends and work or family groups, even the audio has returned to our account organically when citizens share it. 
3) Sustainability: Having new sources of funding to innovate new formats and develop products focused on the needs of the audience is key to the survival and future of the media. As a result of the success of this project, EL COLOMBIANO will continue to apply this business model and has already secured a new season with the bank.
4) Format: Innovating with such a short podcast format meant the discovery of a successful strategy to bring the public closer to the content we create, and the use of this format for new projects is not ruled out. The use of short audios allowed a large part of our audience to have access, for the first time, to a podcast. The feedback from listeners is that they are getting information while doing everyday activities, such as brushing their teeth, cooking or short trips.


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