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Overview of this campaign

As COVID-19 spread, chaos and uncertainty increased across the world. Australian’s turned to News to help guide them through the uncertainty. Readers sought regular updates on COVID-19 and consistent information to give them confidence and hope to navigate this new world.

In March 2020, News Corp Australia pivoted their content strategy to create a niche product to help Australians digest information during the pandemic, with the following measurable objectives: 

  • Deliver trusted COVID-19 news and information to Australians in print and online

  • Generate digital and print subscriber acquisition

  • Retain current digital subscribers and print purchasers through engagement

  • Achieve a 50% ROI for content

HiberNation was born, a nationally syndicated go-to guide, localised to over 70 mastheads and tailored to help Australians navigate COVID-19, providing tips, advice and activities for a new way forward. Available Monday-Saturday, across all metro mastheads, as a print lift out, and online within its own vertical. 

HiberNation incorporated senior reporting across health, education, jobs, business, economy, entertainment, food, activities and puzzles. A synergy of experts were brought together from News Corp, Kids News, Harper Collins, Foxtel, Sky News, Kayo, Taste and Delicious to provide the ultimate COVID-19 daily guide covering: 

  • COVID-19 daily updates (localised for states)

  • Finding a cure and research into vaccines to provide hope

  • Q&A with experts 

  • Advice for work, health and education

  • Tips and advice for parents navigating home school education. 

The campaign was brought to life with vibrant creative across Press, Digital, TV and Radio, which set an upbeat and positive tone to avoid a hard news feel. The creative included vibrant and relevant imagery, text that popped off the page, and evoked excitement with lively demonstrations of activities, encouraging people to come together. Demonstrating ease of accessibility was very important during this time, specifically for those who were housebound and unable to purchase a paper. Therefore, TV advertising incorporated both print and digital offers, and incorporated instructions on how to access online content using the free 4 week trial. 


Results for this campaign

HiberNation successfully delivered information consumers needed in unprecedented times. Leading to breakthrough consumer engagement results that exceeded targets.

Results summary:




1. Deliver trusted COVID-19 news and information.

Article readership vs other content at this time.

140% more engaged with HiberNation content.

2. Digital and print subscriber acquisition

Breach Subscriptions

2,299 subscriptions

Limited 4 week free trial 

188% uplift YoY

67.5% of subs breached on HiberNation content.

3. Retain & engage current digital & print subscribers

Subscriber page views

12,688,344 Subscriber PVs

Total page views

20,302,787 Total PVs

Article comments

Average article engagement 


2:18 minute reading time

Print circulation

Daily coverage sustained print sales during this period and Home deliveries increased by 33%.

4.  Return on Investment

Total ROI

72% vs 50% target


Other key results include:




Advertising Revenue 

Print & Digital Revenue $

Generated over $1.5M in advertising revenue in 2020.

Awareness via PR

External PR mentions

Month-long weekly segment with Channel 10’s morning program, Studio 10, featuring live crosses with experts' budget tips, hacks and recipes. National and local radio were also targeted with this content.

PR audience reach

2,372,000 reached via external broadcast media coverage. 

Social engagement

Social referrals

1,570,066 referrals 


HiberNation also delivered fantastic results to collaborating brand Kids News, who provided informative lesson plans within the ‘At Home learning’ section. Leading to outstanding results on the Kids News site, increasing traffic 90% from 2.3M to 4.4M and hitting a new traffic record on the first full day of term 2.

As winter came to an end and restrictions began to ease, reader feedback demonstrated that HiberNation helped readers navigate the seismic changes of COVID-19, but they were ready for the next phase. HiberNation has since evolved into the lifestyle product ‘Smart Daily’, which continues to focus on core objectives from HiberNation by delivering national and localised editorial content to help readers live a better and smarter life.  


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