Lancaster Farming Industrial Hemp Podcast
2021 Finalist

Lancaster Farming Industrial Hemp Podcast

Lancaster Farming Newspaper

Ephrata, United States

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Overview of this campaign

Launched five months before the 2018 Farm Bill legalized the growing of industrial hemp as a commodity crop in the United States for the first time in nearly 80 years, the Lancaster Farming Industrial Hemp Podcast intended to bring high-quality, listenable, and well-reported to farmers and industry folks.

The Lancaster Farming newspaper, owned by Steinman Communications, is already a trusted voice in agricultural journalism and often acts as the connective tissue between the close-knit farming communities of Pennsylvania and the northeastern United States. The company's newest endeavor -- the Industrial Hemp Podcast -- builds upon that trust and brings the same commitment to its audience while covering the hemp industry.

Hemp had been illegal to grow in the United States for nearly 80 years because of its association with marijuana. But the 2018 Farm Bill changed all that, making hemp a legal commodity crop for farmers. Hemp's absence from the farming scene for so long left a dearth of quality information for farmers. Years of prohibition and illicit drug culture had created a strange environment for farmers who wanted to grow hemp for fiber, seed, or medicine. The objective of the podcast was to cut through the stigma and noise to produce a program to address farmers’ concerns about the plant and also to provide them with practical information for use in their own farming practice.

Because of hemp’s versatility as a raw material for manufacturing and rather remarkable ability to sequester carbon, hemp can be a key tool in the battle to mitigate climate change -- allowing farmers the chance to save the world. Lancaster Farming has been committed to the success of farmers. And now because of climate change, the stakes are higher, so the success of farmers is intrinsically tied to our survival to the success of us all.

Results for this campaign

The Lancaster Farming Industrial Hemp Podcast has become a trusted voice in the hemp industry, not just in the traditionally coverage area of Lancaster Farming newspaper, but nationally and internationally as well. The show has a growing audience from Pennsylvania to Oregon to Hawaii, with listeners in Europe, Africa, and the South Pacific.

The podcast has also had a positive effect on readership of the newspaper. For example, a circulation promotion that featured Lancaster Farming’s hemp coverage in August of 2020 resulted in 265 new subscriptions to the print edition of the newspaper.

The podcast has raised national and global awareness of Lancaster Farming, which continues to be a source of trusted agricultural news.


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