Inside the Pandemic
2021 Finalist

Inside the Pandemic


Stockholm, Sweden

Category Video

Overview of this campaign

Expressens Magnus Falkehed and Niclas Hammarström are two of Sweden's most well-known and appreciated journalists. They got known for a bigger audience when they, during a reportage journey, were captured and held hostage for almost two months in Syria. They later had a book published about the experience. The team Falkehed-Hammarström has decades of experience from zones of war and conflict from all around the world. 

In 2020, the catastrophe hit at home, in Sweden, with uncontrolled spread of the corona virus and thousands of deaths due to covid-19.

Magnus Falkehed and Niclas Hammarström went home and used their exceptional experience to cover the pandemic and its consequences.

The work was ongoing between May and September 2020.


Results for this campaign

Over the course of several months, Magnus Falkehed and Niclas Hammarström produced a number of strong TV reportages with the headline "Inside the pandemic".

With their unique way of getting close to people, they managed to go where no one else could go – side by side with the hospitalized, the medical staff, the survivors and the grieving.

The work was built on a robust trust between the journalists and the people they interviewed.

The TV reportages contributed to Expressens covid coverage by adding depth and insight to  the pandemic - the ICU’s, the rehabilitation, the deaths.

In one of the reportages, the team follows care takers who visit 80 year old Elsy at her home. She reacts to their "monstrous" outfits, but agrees to take a covid test, which later will turn out positive. 

"Inside the pandemic" was presented along with articles and still images, visible for all and then for Expressens "Premium" subscribers. It was also published in the printed newspaper over several pages with high read times – around 4 minutes on average.

In September, the reportages were compiled into a mini documentary, aired live and as video-on-demand on We could see that the viewers expectations were high; a trailer for the documentary posted on Expressens Facebook was shared 430 times and had 292 comments and 1.800 reactions. A teaser was also posted on Expressens Youtube with 185.000 exposures and over 19.000 views.

The documentary gathered over 72.000 views during the less than 24 hours it was available for all. After that, it was available for subscribers only, and it generated 135 new paying subscribers.

All in all, the TV reportages had almost 440.000 views in total. The viewing time was high – on average over 2 minutes.

The mini documentary was also turned into an audio reportage read by Magnus Falkehed, available for Expressens Premium subscribers. Magnus Falkehed also hosted Expressens "corona chat room" to answer questions from the readers about his work with "Inside the pandemic". 


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