BrandStudio24 and Nedbank's
2021 Finalist

BrandStudio24 and Nedbank's


Johannesburg, South Africa

Category Native Advertising

Overview of this campaign

BrandStudio24 was tasked with amplifying the client's positioning, with the following messaging:

“In the trenches of business, partner with a bank who sees the bigger picture."

This narrative was executed through an innovative campaign that showed the "bigger picture" to news events by showing links between two seemingly unrelated stories or phenomenon. These proof points were showcased through an immersive digital experience.

The content positioned the client (Nedbank Business Banking) as thought leaders for business news.

We focused on four key areas:

  • Hospitality
  • E-commerce
  • Global Trade
  • Automated Services.

Each content piece took a journalistic storytelling approach but created true commercial impact for the client.

By showing the broader impact behind topical news stories (and the effect they could have on broader scale business), we drove home client’s messaging in an engaging, informative way.

Readers across relevant platforms were served a number of different ad units which directed to the Nedbank Bigger Picture content hub, which was built and housed within the network.

These ads ranged from news-related native content cards clearly marked "partner content" to article-specific generic and tactical banners, and social content posted on platform accounts, marked as sponsored.

From the content hub, readers could opt to visit the Nedbank website to engage further through their clearly displayed logo and banners.

Our efforts were rewarded with a network-wide, record-breaking average time on page of 28 minutes for the “South African’s hospitality industry beyond Covid19” article. On average, users spent 15 minutes and 10 seconds in the hub – far exceeding the network’s benchmark of 1 minute, 40 seconds.


The campaign exceeded all client KPIs and has become a case study for native advertising campaigns in the industry. 

Results for this campaign

  • Four pillars of expertise (Global Trade, Automated services, Hospitality and E-commerce)
  • 12-week duration (5 August – 23 October)
  • A dedicated microsite on
  • 8 thought leadership articles, updated every week
  • 318 creative executions, including tactical banners and customised content cards
  • 94,000 pageviews (+ 10,000 pgv over target)
  • 15min 10 sec average time on HUB (Benchmark 1min 40)
  • 28min longest average time on article (South Africa’s hospitality industry beyond Covid-19)
  • 1 706 625 users for retargeting within the network
  • 33 million content cards served in this campaign
  • 7.3% brand lift increase with major gains in opinion followed by attitude. This increase is on par with benchmark, showing significant increase in overall brand lift.


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