Milestone Editions Series
2021 Finalist

Milestone Editions Series

DB Corp

Noida, India

Category Advertising Sales and Retention

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Overview of this campaign

When it comes to credibility, trust and reach, ‘Print Media’ is unbeatable.

However, the ongoing pandemic has not only claimed the lives of millions but have also adversely affected many business and industries across worldwide and print is no different.

Due to the nationwide lockdown, everything came at a halt. People were enforced to stay within their homes, transportation was restricted and day to day operations were stay put. These all resulted in downfall of businesses. With readers’ false fear of catching the infection through newspaper and a falling number of advertisers due to shrinking business, it won’t be wrong to say that print industry as a whole has seen one of the toughest time in 2020.

In order to revive shrinking markets, Dainik Bhaskar came up with series of ‘Milestone Editions’. The idea was to revive the markets and boost the business by using the power of print meanwhile re-establishing the fact that ‘Print’ is the most trusted and reliable media.

These editions contained large number of pages and were published across all our major markets, covering 18 cities.

The project was implemented in the cities like Bhopal, Indore, Ujjain, Baroda, Bikaner, Jaipur, Ahmedabad and so on, which are non-metros and are known for their local businesses and are more resilient than the metros. The project started in Bhopal, the city where the Group first laid its foundation. On its Bhopal office’s anniversary (13th August), the group launched the first edition of this milestone series with a whopping 72 paged edition. This was followed by 60 paged editions in the city of Ujjain and Hoshangabad and a massive 128 paged edition in Indore- the commercial capital of the state of Madhya Pradesh. The project was extended to the state of Gujarat- which is known for its commerce and business, wherein a 52 paged edition was published in Baroda and an 80 paged edition was published in Ahmedabad- the capital of Gujarat. And the story continued.

Results for this campaign

We covered 18 cities.These editions contained advertisements from varied sectors, special columns by renowned experts and in-depth analysis on major sectors like Real Estate, Education, Automobile, Travel and Tourisms and so on. This re-established the fact that no matter what, when it comes to advertising nothing can beat a newspaper, given its credibility, reliability, reach and connect with the readers. Such huge participation from advertisers across multiple sectors also indicate that businesses are getting back on track and will soon meet the pent-up demand. And specially the non-metro cities will be soon on the growth track.

These editions not just gave hopes and courage to the businesses but also exposed our readers to a varied and rich content. A majority of readers appreciated this series for its editorial excellence.

The effect of this series has been so encouraging that many local businessmen in Surat turned their cars into moving shop and re-started their business. And as far as the readers are concerned, these editions have found a permanent place in their personal library due its rich and diverse content and also due to the perk of being a milestone edition.

In addition to this, the INS and CVoter media tracker survey revealed that 66.5% people think that newspaper are the most important source of news. 63.1% of people who participated in this survey believes that newspaper have become even more important to them after Corona Pandemic and 75.5% people said that they prefer newspaper because any news or happening is explained in a better way in newspapers.


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