How Lockdown Generated A New Prosperous Niche Business for Aftenposten’s Loyalty Program – Digital Wine Tastings
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How Lockdown Generated A New Prosperous Niche Business for Aftenposten’s Loyalty Program – Digital Wine Tastings


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Overview of this campaign

Normally the “A-card” would arrange wine tastings throughout the year. A very popular activity that attracts a mature and affluent audience. Depending on the wine expert, each tasting fills between 60-200 seats each time and in total 4000 each year. 


A-card and Aftenposten’s Wine Club have always worked closely together, trying to expand the interest around wine with relevant offers and editorial content for the subscribers. Aftenposten’s Wine Club had for a while thought of an idea to try out digital wine tastings that never launched. When we overnight found ourselves in a lockdown situation it seemed to be the perfect moment to offer our subscribers a new digital event they could enjoy from home. 


The idea was simple. With our most popular wine expert, we would sell and produce digital wine tastings. Aftenposten Event helped us set up for the live show and organize the broadcast, Q&A, and taping. Subscribers got a unique web page for each tasting that included the player for the live show, the shopping list, and access to the Q&A in their email recipe. During the live show, they could ask questions and participate with Ingvild Tennfjord, Aftenposten’s wine expert. This way, it became an interaction between the subscribers at home and Ingvild in the studio, pretty similar to a normal wine tasting.


It was also important that the courses were fairly priced so everyone could participate and that the sessions were about popular wine subjects, so it would be suitable for a wide range of subscribers. We set the limit for the wines at 40 USD in total and the admission for the wine course at 10 USD.


We worked closely with the CRM department to get the right segment for the email-marketing. We did print ads in Aftenposten, ads on Facebook, and marketing through Aftenposten Wineclub´s channels. Because the subscribers had to buy the wine themselves, we used two weeks of marketing for each course

Results for this campaign

The response was overwhelmingly positive. For the first live wine tasting we sold 1267 tickets, and 300 even additionally bought the taping of the wine tasting. As you read earlier a wine tasting with a live audience could fill between 60 and 200 people. That was a 533% increase in sales!


In total, we sold 11.600 digital tickets in from april to desember in 2020. The total revenue was 150.000 US$.


One of our most interesting discoveries was that in this niche we found a new target group for the loyalty program. Young moms and dads who have a hard time prioritizing social events, people living outside of the big cities where the normal wine tastings are, single people who could now invite their friends home or digitally and we saw a younger average age in the digital tastings than the physical ones. Also, we had a very high percentage of repurchase from the same segment, so we could just send the email to the subscribers who previously had bought a wine tasting.


We hypothesized that digital wine tastings work like Foodora in their restaurant market. The restaurants feared that people would stop eating out if they could get their best dishes delivered home. But Foodora would prove them wrong with their research which showed that the people who ordered in, would never have visited the restaurant in the first place. So the restaurants got both, they got the income from the guest eating in, but also, they got more revenue from people ordering take away. 


It appears that digital wine tastings have a similar effect, and in fact, it broadens the offer for our subscribers with both digital and physical wine tastings. The different tastings attract two different target groups and so far they don´t seem to cannibalize each other. 


In 2021 digital wine tastings will be a normal offering to all of our subscribers and are already selling more than they did this fall!



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