The Night Watch
2021 Winner

The Night Watch

News Corp Australia

Surry Hills, Australia

Category Video

Overview of this campaign

At its core, The Night Watch was an unprecedented, behind the scenes look at the bravery of ordinary Australians doing extraordinary things for their communities. This 12-part national multimedia documentary series aimed to shine a light of recognition on extraordinary Australian front line/emergency services professionals, including an intimate look at the lives of those working in law enforcement, fire & rescue and medical services. The ultimate goal for this campaign was to create a full multimedia series. This included feature written journalism with extensive portraiture and archival imagery across print and digital, plus most-importantly a series-style video documentary. This then naturally lended itself to a director’s cut podcast that represented the more, raw elements of their stories. The series was supported by chillingly honest stories, written in the original words of the subjects. It was important to all involved parties that we develop and release attractive, shareable, creative, engaging content through video - first and foremost. 


To measure success of this campaign, News Corp wanted to: 


  1. Acquire at least 200 new customers

  2. Deliver at least 200,000 Subscriber Page Views

  3. Improve the consumer reading and watching experience across all platforms

  4. Inspire and engage our new and existing customers using high completion rates on videos and engage time scores to measure. 


This campaign was one of the first of its kind, particularly in terms of developing marketing activity around our core business function: content creation.


Results for this campaign

With its strong use of emotion to capture the audience, The Night Watch ultimately went on to drive subscriptions and page views above and beyond its forecasted targets. Without the high calibre of video content presented with this campaign, these results would not have been achievable.

At campaign end, The Night Watch saw its 12 videos produce strong results against all benchmark targets for video starts (88k), Watch Time (2 min 15 sec) and Play Rate (40%).

The 12 episodes of the campaign had an impressive total of 192,630 minutes (3,210 hours) of video watched. 

It is evident that the video component of this multimedia campaign proved to be the most important tool to engage with our readers. The high quality production style clearly resonated with our audience and delivered results over and above the expectation. Another important reminder about the evolution of news consumption, and how important it is to include video in your marketing strategy. 

 Additional noteworthy results from The Night Watch include: 

1) 307 new digital subscriptions (53% above target) 

2) driving 265,555 total page views and 178,645 subscriber page views from the content and

3) 40,054 social referrals



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