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2021 Finalist

INM Programmatic Plus

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Dublin , Ireland

Category Advertising Sales and Retention

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Overview of this campaign

The development and launch of the Programmatic Plus proposition presented an innovative and disruptive advertising solution for the Irish Publishing & Advertising Market, its effectiveness is demonstrated through sophisticated targeting, strong campaign performance, and deeply insightful post campaign analysis.

The enhanced targeting is delivered through contextual and behavioural technologies, and post campaign analysis is conducted by blending data from multiple sources which is queried by an algorithm and automated using GCP and Python. The team has extensive experience in data science and analytics and a core component of the client proposition is the delivery of insightful and actionable post campaign analysis.

The team partnered with Renault to deliver the first campaign, the objective was to drive brand awareness and consideration for the Captur, the Megane Tourer and the Clio within an ABC1 audience geographically located in South Dublin.

The results were outstanding, the team built and delivered a multi-layered campaign that identified audiences closely aligned to the client’s segmentation personas and outperformed both the campaign objectives and industry norms. The campaign immediately led to another client, Lidl rolling out a significant Programmatic Plus Campaign.

Since the launch in October 2020, it has been instrumental in achieving successful outcomes against client briefs and in competing and winning new business in a competitive marketplace which is dominated by digital advertising solutions from Big Tech.

Programmatic Plus Campaign Objectives:

Quality Audience

Insightful, actionable and detailed post campaign analysis


Renault Campaign Objectives

Impressions: 1,700,000

Viewability: 60%


Lidl Campaign Objectives

Impressions: 1,000,000

Viewability:  60%

Results for this campaign

The Digital Strategy & Innovation team through the development of Programmatic Plus have unlocked new growth opportunities and delivered strong performing campaigns that consistently meet the predefined campaign objectives and exceed both industry benchmarks and client expectations.

The strength, quality and uniqueness of the Programmatic Plus proposition enables both the identification and delivery of audiences that aligned to the clients identified target market and segmentation buying personas.

Over the course of the Renault campaign 1,702,174 impressions were delivered ahead of original projections of 1,700,000. Viewability was 74% against a target of 60%, well ahead of the industry benchmark of 50%. Click though was 0.14% and again well ahead of the average industry benchmark of 0.10%.

The Lidl campaign delivered 1,089,235 impressions, ahead of original projections of 1,000,000.  Viewability was 69% against a target of 60% and well ahead of the industry benchmark of 50%. Click through rate was 0.26% and again well ahead of the industry benchmark of 0.10%.

A core component of the Programmatic Plus proposition is its ability to deliver insightful post campaign analysis that includes a marketing leading profile of the audience that was delivered, these insights are crucial to ensuing that further campaigns are optimised in a cycle of continuous refinement.

The post campaign analysis includes insights such as trended views of impressions by day and by platform and which content pillars performing strongest for each audience. It also generates socio demographic insights for the delivered audience such as age, gender, income, home ownership and profession – a level of insight that is s unprecedented for programmatic campaigns.

The Programmatic Plus proposition has a significant impact on winning new business and on the INM RPM (Revenue per thousand page views) which has increased by 54% between September and December 2020, from €1.48 to €3.25.

INM is currently in the process of trademarking Programmatic Plus in Ireland and the EU.


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