2021 Finalist

Stories from the Delta: The Drama of Families That Were Isolated by The Pandemic and Are In Need Of Clothing And Food


Buenos Aires, Argentina

Category Video

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Overview of this campaign

The intention of this project was to tell stories that were affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and to make visible the problem of different aspects of life in which, in general, gets more complicated due to its geographic conditions. Having taken contact with the pastor José Murguia, resident of the zone and owner of a small church, we decided to travel along his routinary trip to visit the families that live next to the river and are in the highest status of necessity, in order to be able to know his route to this place that keeps these surviving families isolated, against one of the pandemics that marked our planet's history.

With the objective of appealing to our users sensitivity, we traveled throughout the life of 3 characters: the pastor Jose Murguia, Marta Rojas head of one of the families of 16 people dedicated to the collection of wicker and the history of Jesús López, a young artist that hides his dreams of being a sailor and has to feel that re-creating exact models of boats with basic elements: a knife, wood, styrofoam and a bit of paint, is good enough. Elements that Jesús is running low on and his mother looks for in order to nurture his dreams.


Results for this campaign

This video achieved thousands of views in combination with a high number of interactions on Facebook and Instagram, but the most valuable and important result was the achievement of communicating to the public the message of this social problem that these families have to go through, making the public feel the necessity of helping them out. After the publication, reached out to donate to Marta Roja´s family and to pastor Jose Murguia´s church, demonstrating the importance of making a conflict visible to achieve tangible and honest results.


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