6.15 Kilometers of Hope!
2021 Finalist

6.15 Kilometers of Hope!

The Daily Prothom Alo

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Category Advertising Sales and Retention

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Overview of this campaign


The Padma river basically divides the country into two parts. For decades millions of people residing in the South West (21 districts) had to use Ferries as the only form of transportation when crossing this river. As we are near the completion of the bridge, organic talkability and engagement has already begun. There lies an excitement in people towards this mega infrastructure. Experts say that the completion of the bridge will increase more than 1% to the total GDP of Bangladesh.

Completion of the bridge will also mark another milestone for Bangladeshi Infrastructure giving millions of people in South Bengal to have access to better education, recourses, healthcare and services. We realized that this will be a great feature for local construction brands involved with the project. This is especially true now that the last slab of the 6.15 km bridge has been placed.


Gather Advertisers to contextually connect with the audience in commemorating the 100% visibility of the Padma Shetu Bridge. As well as build up our contents on Padma Shetu to be valuable enough for advertisers so that we can also charge 100% Premium Price for every CI sold under this campaign.

So basically, we saw an opportunity to brand contents about this national milestone. But the actual credit goes to our strategy in approaching brands with this objective which resulted with the need for brands to advertise on Prothom Alo Padma Shetu News.

Another objective that we shared with the advertisers was that their brand value will have a positive impact on consumers if they are tagged with this news on the Prothom Alo newspaper.

Results for this campaign

The campaign strategy received positive feedbacks from advertisers. Brands had booked all the advertisement inventories within one week of sharing the proposal. We even planned for moderate size brands to be able to stay in the campaign by providing spot and inner page ads (since big players would book the prime advertisement locations).

We would like to think that we created a campaign keeping multiple advertisers in mind (regardless of their advertising budget).

Considering print investment in 2020, this fruitful campaign allowed the Business Development Department achieve 12% additional revenue from Print and Digital combined in December.


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