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2021 Finalist

Chorus Project Connect


Auckland, New Zealand

Category Native Advertising

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Overview of this campaign

We were tasked with engaging and influencing late technology adopters, an audience known for their inertia. Largely 60+ empty nesters, they were resistant to change;

  • Happy with what they had; not understanding the benefits of fibre
  • Lacking understanding and confidence around technology, and hesitant to engage in broadband conversations 

From the brief:

“They’re influenced by their legacy broadband provider, and not necessarily being given all the information they need to make a good choice. We need to build credibility as a trusted advisor and become part of their decision-making process.”

Traditional fibre advertising around speed and data use wasn’t going to sway this audience. We needed to tap into their real-life needs and draw on the most important thing to them – connection. 

Simply put, display advertising wouldn’t cut through.
A native campaign was the only viable solution.

Success would be measured on a number of fronts:


  • Ignite new interest in this low-engagement category by re-framing the broadband conversation

    We were to deliver thought leadership content, led by bespoke research. Content was to position Chorus as a trusted advisor and speak to the profound benefits of connectivity for the over 60’s. 


  • Drive engagement with the campaign by inspiring through familiarity
    We needed to create new relevance for this audience by telling stories of ‘people like me’. The goal was to celebrating moments where online connections had changed people’s lives, ensuring that the moment of getting fibre connection was central to the story.  

  • Inspire sign-ups by delivering education on the difference fibre could make
    We’d demonstrate that not all broadband is created equal, and support the audience to make an informed choice. Bite-sized chunks of technical information would be delivered across a range of channels to build knowledge and confidence.  

The campaign as a whole landed on just two key metrics

  1. Traffic to Chorus's website
  2. Achieving the targeted number of new connections to fibre from these ‘hard-to-convert’ customers.

Results for this campaign

Our native content campaign not only delivered to the KPIs, it enabled an audience of 60+ empty nesters to connect more deeply with those around them. We’re proud of the results:

We re-framed the broadband conversation, sparking familiarity and engagement with fibre:

  • Recognizable New Zealand talent aligned with the lifestage of the target audience hosted a series of features at Talent delivered warmth and relevance, while the research behind each feature sparked engagement and conversation.

  • Each feature shared the story of connection from a different perspective, enabling the audience to see themselves and imagine how their lives may be improved through a fibre connection.

  • Technical information was woven through each feature, seamlessly introducing the benefits of fibre.

The results of this talent & insight-led content series speak for themselves:

  • Native articles delivered 107,000 unique browsers
  • Benchmark content dwell time is 40?seconds.  The dwell time for Chorus content was 85 seconds, more?than?DOUBLE the benchmark, with one feature delivering a virtually unprecedented 113 seconds.
  • The NZ industry standard click-thru is 0.07%. The?average?for Chorus content was 0.34% - more than FOUR TIMES the industry standard. 

We inspired sign-ups by delivering education on the difference fibre could make to their lives

  • Directly as a result of this campaign, Chorus website traffic rose significantly

  • Also attributable to this campaign, was a 12% sign up rate, exceeding the KPI.

The Chorus client, Kate Murchison, was delighted with the results:

 “This integrated partnership approach with NZME meant we could tap into their strong production & editorial capabilities, and we had a direct line into their editorial team when crafting content.

 “The bespoke survey uncovered rich insights and territories to anchor the content, grounding the articles with real stories and people, and ensured the campaign launched with credibility and thought leadership.

 “This collaborative approach to implementation delivered engaging content that really resonated with the NZME AP60+ audience.”


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