"F**k Off": Fundraising Campaign for Polish Women Fighting For Their Rights
2021 Finalist

"F**k Off": Fundraising Campaign for Polish Women Fighting For Their Rights

Gazeta Wyborcza

Warsaw, Poland

Category Public Relations and Community Service

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Overview of this campaign

The great energy, anger, and rebellion that brought thousands of women and their partners to the streets protests in October 2020, needed strong and reliable support. We admired the determination, courage, and creativity of the protesters joined by women from the offices of "Wyborcza".

The main slogan of these protests: "Fuck off!" echoed loudly in the streets all over Poland. Everyone wanted first-hand coverage. So we handed over our paper and digital editions, and the website to the National Women's Strike, the organization coordinating the protests.

We wanted to show tangible help as well.

Therefore we supported the movement financially and involved thousands of readers in the campaign.

Within a few hours, on the day of the nationwide strike, we prepared a subscription offer and promotional campaign.

On October 28, we announced that we will donate all revenues from digital subscriptions to support the National Women's Strike.

 We used the slogan carried on the streets - "Fuck off!". Demonstrations were suppressed by force. Organizers and protesters, arrested and fined, needed money for lawyers, equipment, and information materials.

Readers could choose the amount they wanted to donate and received a digital subscription for a specified time.

For a week, promotion of the "Fuck off!" campaign dominated all communication and sales channels of the digital subscription. Subscribers received e-mails encouraging them to make a donation, we used e-commerce tools to reach potential donors via the website, social media, Google, mailings, and content marketing.

It was important that at each stage it was clear what would happen to the money. After each purchase, we immediately sent a thank you, and we summed up the campaign with an interview with one of the organizers of the strike explaining what the donation would be used for. 

Results for this campaign

In one week 9,550 people joined the campaign.

The enthusiasm and commitment of the readers were tremendous and wonderful.

Our subscribers made significant contributions, and new readers joined them. People felt they supported an important cause and, at the same time, received trustworthy content about the protests.

As a result, Gazeta Wyborcza collected and donated as much as  674,288PLN (approximately 150,000 euro) to the National Women's Strike. This is the largest donation in the history of our newspaper.

- Support from subscribers of Gazeta Wyborcza allowed us to create the “Akcja!” Fund. We use it to buy flags, megaphones, print posters, and banners. All that is needed when people organize themselves. Thank you very much for that! Keep supporting us, read "Wyborcza"! - said Marta Lempart from the National Women's Strike after the campaign. https://youtu.be/o_rdnJ6rIys

Thanks to the "Fuck off" campaign, we managed to turn the readers' anger into real action, support an important cause, and strengthen the feeling of community among subscribers. 


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