The Corona Live Tracker
2021 Finalist

The Corona Live Tracker

Verdens Gang

Oslo, Norway

Category Data and Research

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Overview of this campaign

Our main objective was to use statistics and visual presentations to give people an overview of how the pandemic was affecting Norway, Europe and the world. In a chaotic and worldwide pandemic, desinformation and conspiracy theories might thrive. We therefore had a clear objective: We will answer the people’s questions with facts. 

We have tailored several unique registration tools and databases that were combined with a simplistic and visual presentation:

To give a few examples: 

  • We started with building databases on the numbers of cases and deaths. This would answer important questions like “how is the virus affecting my area” and “is it getting better or worse?” For the first month of the pandemic the Norwegian government did not provide the number of cases in each municipality, they only published numbers on a national and regional level. To create a database and provide the numbers to the public anyway, we tracked the websites of all 365 municipalities, called municipal chief physicians and tracked regional and local newspapers. Thus, we created a unique database that could show how the total number of cases for Norway was actually higher than what the central government reported. 

  • By extensive research and tracking we have also built a database on the covid-19-related deaths for each municipality, despite central health authorities’ refusal to publish these numbers. 

  • The readers can find and compare a broad range of statistics on a local, regional and national level, not to mention sites to compare countries and regions in Scandinavia, Europe and the world. 

But we did not stop there. Because the people's questions changed with the pandemic, our services had to evolve too. 

  • Thus, we have expanded the service by trailering databases and systems for travel predictions, vaccine development, vaccine approval and local restrictions. 

  • The local restrictions - like how many can gather at home and where you have to wear a face mask - is tracked continuously for all 365 municipalities.

Results for this campaign

  • The number one destination for facts and information on the coronavirus in Norway. In a country of five million people it generated a staggering 280 million page views between launch on March the 4th until the end of the year. An average of 924.000 loads per day.

  • An unique service with live updates of cases, deaths, travel advice, restrictions and vaccination on a local, regional, national and global level. 

  • Huge user engagement, with 25.000 emails to our team and over 8000 posts in the comment section. 

  • A vast portfolio of graphs and visual presentations, used to enrich 1300 articles in 2020. 

  • The VG coronavirus tracker is the only place Norwegians can find an overall overview of cases, deaths and hospitalizations for their municipality.

  • By writing scripts that gather data from all 21 countries and 47 regions in EU/EEA, we have made live predictions for the government’s next travel advice. Showing what countries are about to be opened or closed for travel. 

  • It is the only site that links all the world’s potential coronavirus vaccines to the approval process for Norway and the EU. Our readers can follow and compare the vaccination results for each country. In january 2021 the site was expanded with the number of doses set and distributed to each municipality in Norway. 

  • The live tracker has the only database of local restrictions for all 365 municipalities. This is data the government does not have and cannot provide. The Norwegian Institute of Public Health, that advises each municipality on local restrictions, has asked for access to our databases to do research on the restrictions they have helped introduce. 

  • The databases built have been used in several investigative projects, like exposing the struggle for protective gear in the municipalities and how the most vulnerable groups in our society were affected by the pandemic.


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