Mornings with Newspaper
2021 Finalist

Mornings with Newspaper

The Times of India

Mumbai, India

Category Video

Overview of this campaign

Our task wasn’t easy; newspapers were the only media physically entering people’s homes, that the reader physically touched. This physical intimacy brought on the fear of transmission. To make matters worse, this fear was entirely emotional, no study or rational argument could change people’s minds. For four months, housing societies stopped newspaper deliveries to readers. Fracturing the habit of reading newspapers, threatening to turn it obsolete majorly affecting metro cities.

Ironically, this was the very moment when newspapers were critical to people. As the pandemic raged, so did the pandemic of fake news. People needed their verified, non-sensationalised authentic NEWS sources – especially newspapers.

The campaign film set in poetry by the maestro Gulzar, which beautifully narrated how a reader wakes to the morning paper, how breakfast tastes different without the newspaper, emphasizing the romantic charm of opening/turning /folding/reopening the newspaper.

Delivered from the point of view of the reader, it showed just how integral the newspaper is to starting the day. Gulzar - popular among the elite and the masses gave the video a much needed linguistic and literary connect.

The key objective of the creative was to overcome the emotional fear barrier, with the readers' undying love of their morning rituals. The video and sound design of the narration weaved in the morning sounds including the rustle of newspaper, to remind the reader of the romance of #NewspaperMornings.

The campaign sought to nudge the readers to re-subscribe to the newspaper. The video campaign also drove readers to TOI’s existing newspaper subscription portal, WantMyPaper through retargeted ads.

Results for this campaign

The campaign launched a multi-pronged emotional appeal via the video to bring the love back for newspapers.

The film romanced the newspaper from the readers’ point of view – capturing micro moments of lingering over the pages, cut out clippings, passing it around – sharing a world in common. Thus, leaving the viewer with a sense of longing for this intimacy with the printed word.

A heavy reach plan targeted the cohort of daily news consumers who had temporarily migrated to TV and Digital in the absence of print.

The film played across News as well as General Entertainment channels on TV and OTT platforms, and Sports channels due to the high duplication of viewers on these channels. 

The campaign also showcased on digital portals of news publishers. On social media, via a niche targeting to the above-mentioned cohort, the campaign reached consumers across interest areas ranging from political, economic, business and world news - reminding them that there was nothing like their moment with their newspaper.

The campaign met with stupendous results.

(Data charts and sources attached in media)

1)   Outperforming the average industry standard of completed views

The campaign garnered 22Mn+ views within the first 6 days, reaching a total of 60Mn+ views. The campaign received a total of 35% of Full Ad-Views on Facebook vs. the industry standard of 18% and of 27% on YouTube vs. the industry average of 21%.

2) Successful shift in sentiment

The campaign received a 78% Positive Sentiment, 25% of which mentioned that the campaign reminded them of their Love For The Paper. The campaign eclipsed fear with love and missing the paper.  

3) Return of the reader

The campaign drew significant traffic to our newspaper subscription portal with a 16x growth in weekly visitors.

Post the decline in newspaper subscriptions in April, the subscription re-growth rate was at a monthly average of 8% till August ’20. Within 30 days of the campaign, the subscription in September ’20 saw a growth of 30%.


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