No Educated Guesses, Just Hard Insights
2021 Finalist

No Educated Guesses, Just Hard Insights


Oslo, Norway

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Overview of this campaign

Norway is a long and complex country consisting of high mountains and steep fjords, small roads and remote fishing villages. We are one of the most digitized and innovative countries in the world where 90 percent of the country have access to high speed broadband and 99 percent have access to 4G. But, most important, Norway is a country of free speech, where freedom of the press is rated as the best in the world.

Norway consists of a population of just 5,3 million, and has a total of 228 newspapers (2019). Amedia is Norway’s second largest media publisher, and consists of more than 80 newspapers all across Norway – with a range from small newspapers with only a handful of employees to top national newspapers.

With a complex media infrastructure, where programmatic distribution ads is increasing ever more, the close relation between advertising sales personnel and the customer is drifting apart– a relation that for years has been the key element in media advertising.

Approximately 80% of the traffic in Amedias’ newspaper comes from logged-in users. To use this to our advantage for our 300 sales experts, we wanted to create data dashboards which could provide key insights from our logged-in users during ongoing campaigns, as well as verification of a delivered campaign. With such a tool, we could gain more accurate insights than the rest of the market and provide advertisers with easy-to-understand reports on who their customers are. It also positioned our salespeople as advisors - rather than someone simply giving the same sales pitch over and over.

The web dashboard lets more experienced users drill down into the data and seek advanced insights: how did this campaign perform among 40+ year olds when compared to the average campaign for banking services?

In addition to digital campaigns, the report is also used for print advertising. Instead of tracking impressions, here Amedia relies on official readership surveys to report on audience and reach.

Results for this campaign

Amedia has 300 salespeople spread around Norway, from the sunny south to the freezing north. They operate in local markets, with different knowledge and expertise within sales and digital marketing. We wanted to give our sales experts a tool to inform, develop and educate both them and their customers. 

Sales and other stakeholders were involved in every step of development, making sure the final product would fit their needs. With informative reports containing key insights about each campaign, we could learn from every single sale, in every single region across the whole country. 

Most campaign reports use panels to make educated guesses about who saw the campaign. At Amedia you’ll find no such guesswork, just hard insights. 

We established a data dashboard merging data from the ad server, Amedias’ CRM-system and user profiles. With this data feeding our dashboard, we could make campaign reports containing the business goals of the campaign, traditional ad server metrics and extensive reporting on the audience. 

Amedia takes campaign reporting to a new level by providing advertisers with a treasure trove of data. This means Amedia today can report on exactly which demographics the campaign were exposed to, and engaged with, during the campaign – automatically exported to PowerPoint reports. 

Despite 2020 being a challenging year, we have exported 11 190 reports, held 80 000 meetings and our digital sales have increased by 6 percent. 

Now, salespeople consequently review and assess campaigns with customers after every single campaign – whereas earlier reporting was done sporadically, with customers often disappearing after a campaign, never to be heard from again. This review provides advertisers with assurance that their campaign has been effective – or insights into how it might be done better the next time. 


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