Kleine Zeitung: It’s in Your Own Hands
2021 Finalist

Kleine Zeitung: It’s in Your Own Hands

Kleine Zeitung

Graz, Austria

Category Brand Awareness Campaigns

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Overview of this campaign

The Kleine Zeitung campaign 2020 pursued two important goals: On the one hand, the importance of quality journalism as well as the values and the image of the brand should be emphasized. On the other hand, a new product offering should be advertised, which is more oriented to the needs of an advancing digital world and offers a younger target group with a digital affinity the possibility to obtain quality journalism.

For this we have developed a consistent campaign concept, which reflected, in the first phase, the image of the brand through meaningful messages, along with a young, fresh design to draw the attention of potential subscribers and to strengthen existing subscribers in their decision. We also wanted to offer interested people a possibility to interact. According to our campaign claim “It’s in your own hand.”, they had the opportunity to express their own opinion in different ways on our regional tour throughout the country.

The image phase, which was played via different media channels, moved onto the second so-called performance sales phase, which advertised the new product offer in the existing look and feel with all its advantages – to gain new subscribers.

The performance sales campaign focuses very strongly on the performance of the various online advertising media, by basing campaign control on key performance indicators such as impressions, clicks and conversion. By constantly adapting and optimizing the advertising media in terms of content and design, the achievement of objectives should be guaranteed.

With the help of different advertising media, we gather a lot of knowledge in the acquisition of new customers, which are in younger, digital target groups within this part of the campaign. Among other things, we tested different price communication, a fact-based and image-based formulation of our new product and different call-to-action buttons. The aim was to achieve a maximum number of subscriptions to our new Kleine Zeitung product.

Results for this campaign

In order to get significant results about the influence of the campaign and to evaluate the achievement of goals set, we carried out a zero measurement in advance to compare them with the results, regarding image and perception after the campaign.

Advertising perception: As a general result, we were able to increase advertising awareness by 8% - in the main distribution area even by 12%. We achieved the strongest advertising perception in the print edition of Kleine Zeitung, followed by the Kleine Zeitung ebsite and Facebook posts / ads.

Aided advertising recall: Overall, aided advertising recall was 27% and thus achieved an above-average value in comparison, despite the short campaign duration (2 weeks). At 29%, the advertising perception was stronger in the group of under 49 year olds, compared to the those over 50 – here the perception was 22%.

Image perception: The most frequent unaided image positions supported correspondence to the positioning dimensions emphasized in the campaign:

Quality: 31%
Regional: 33% à +18%
Independence: 13% à +44%

In the supported survey, 5 out of 7 positions of Kleine Zeitung were rated significantly higher after the campaign:

“reports independently and objectively”: +8 %
“Assumes its social responsibility”: +10 %
“is digitally present”: +10%
“is very close to my region and reports about regional events”: +11 %
“Delivers high quality content”: +16 %

The main focus during the performance sales phase was on the lead generation from new subscribers using various digital channels. We also tested different price communication, colours, wording and different button designs.

Findings media channels and acquisition sucsess:
We achieved the most subscriptions/conversions in those channels where potential new subscribers are already very close to us: on our own website. The total subscription/conversion rate within the product launch campaign was 925 – this corresponds to almost a doubling of the average digital subscriptions per month. We also achieved an above-average retention rate of 59% after 30 days and 51% after 60 days.


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