All Y''all
2021 Winner

All Y''all

Alabama Media Group

Birmingham, United States

Category Video

Overview of this campaign

After launching our People of Alabama video series, which took a cinematic approach to reimagining community journalism for modern, digital audiences, we quickly realized there was demand for this type of storytelling beyond Alabama. We expanded the series to our regional, Southern lifestyle brand, It's a Southern Thing, and launched All Y'all in 2020.

The main goal of the series is to introduce strangers to strangers and help people feel more connected to others in and beyond their communities, regardless of their backgrounds. When we launched in January, we didn't realize just how important this would be in 2020.

The series includes two different approaches to storytelling in an effort to give the audience multiple points of entry to the same theme of meeting strangers who have a story to tell. The first approach continues what we started with People of Alabama: Everyone's story is important, and deserves to look and feel that way. We find Southerners who are making a difference in their communities and we tell their stories with cinematic flair. We introduce them to the world through highly shareable video that makes viewers feel connected to the subjects. The second approach quite literally introduces strangers to strangers. When we first started filming in early 2020, we asked strangers to sit next to each other on a bench and ask one another questions. When social distancing began, we quickly pivoted to a virtual series that brought strangers together via video chat.

Results for this campaign

In 2020, the series had more than 2.8 million video views across Facebook and YouTube, but it was the feedback from viewers that really showed us this was working. In a year full of so many challenges, people told us how meaningful it was to hear stories about others doing good work in their communities. They opened up and shared their own stories with us. They asked if they could take part in our virtual conversations. They left encouraging notes for one another. And they did all of this in social media commenting spaces, showing that kind, respectful discourse is possible -- even in 2020 -- and reflecting the mission of the series: to introduce people and to help them find inspiration in one another.


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