Soda by Blick – Journalism for Gen Z
2021 Finalist

Soda by Blick – Journalism for Gen Z

Blick Gruppe

Zurich, Switzerland

Category Social Media

Overview of this campaign

Our target group is Gen Z – a busy and digital native generation. A generation that doesn't read printed news and consumes online news on websites less and less. This doesn’t mean that Gen Z doesn't care at all! It means it mostly consumes content that is presented interestingly and in a very short and simple way. So how can we avoid Gen Z getting «news-deprived», as scientists like to call it? That's why we created Soda by Blick.

What we want to be: That one smart friend that tells you interesting stuff about life you maybe wouldn’t have found out otherwise.

What we want to tell: Spread information about current news topics such as politics, also onon general things you just need to know when you just became an adult.

Why we started: We created the channel in 2019 with the main focus on the 2019 Swiss federal election. Our goal was to interest Gen Z (first-time voters) in politics without boring them.

What we wanted to achieve: Strong community; attract interest in politics and news, High reach in Switzerland; generate familiarity and make our followers feel at home at Soda; earn money with branded posts on Soda

Results for this campaign

Soda has grown to be a very successful Instagram channel with an average reach of 26'000 unique users per post. We deliver life hacks, (political) news and entertainment.

Through user generated content (one topic per week: for example «Your favorite Vintage Store/Restaurant/Game/Travel Tip» etc) and community management we have built a strong relationship with our community. 

Thanks to the fact that two young journalists are working for Soda and show their faces in videos and stories, Soda is very close to the community. We get questions from our followers asking for advice almost daily.

For all questions our two journalists can't answer by themselves, we are working together with experts that are provide tips and answer community questions (for example Mental Health, Climate Change, Job, Relationsships, Nutrition, etc.)

Soda is more than just a news and lifestyle channel, it's also grown to be a great platform for advertising. Within the last year, we could run several campaigns for insurances, banks, lifestyle brands etc. that wanted to reach a young audience.


Videos: Explanations, News, Entertainment

Static content: Explanations, Infographics, Lifehacks

Instagram Stories: Updates, Live-Footage, Background

Communtiy: User Generated Content, Quizzes, Survey, Discussions


Facts & Figures (January 2021)

Target Group: 56% of our followers are in the age of 18 to 24 years.

Av. Reach/Post: 26'000 Unique Users

Av. Views/Video: 9'000 Views



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