Changing Low Performing Content
2021 Finalist

Changing Low Performing Content


Gothenburg, Sweden

Category Data and Research

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Overview of this campaign

The goal was to better be able to identify which subjects were over- and under-performing, and to educate reporters, simplify, visualize and developing tools to include the whole newsroom in following and identifying low performing content.

Results for this campaign

A major increases in readership and subscriptions

• Subscriptions grew by 11 300 during 2020 despite the inevitable decline in print subscriptions. We had our largest subscription growth since 1974, when the largest competing newspaper in Gothenburg closed down.

• One of our main target audiences, women aged 34 or less, increased their subscriptions by 60% – from 3700 to 5900.

• The daily readership grew by 24% during the first two thirds of 2020 (we are still waiting for the last third) according to Swedens largest media survey Orvesto Konsument, performed by Kantar/Sifo. This is the largest growth of all major newspapers in the survey. Most papers saw a surge in readers during the first wave of Corona, but GP was the only major sub-scribed newspaper in Sweden that continued to grow after that period.

• Our economy journalism doubled it’s traffic and increased conversions by 65% after they changed their content according to the plan put forth in our ”Low perfoming content analysis”. Almost every other department had an increase of at least 50% in traffic and conversions during 2020. Our editor of Gothenburg history increased the reading of his material by 690% after changing the focus of his content with the help of our head of data analysis.


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