Affluence Campaign
2021 Finalist

Affluence Campaign

The Times Group

Mumbai, India

Category Data and Research

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Overview of this campaign

Being the leading print media house, we have always prided ourselves on the number and quality of our readers. It’s an unwritten norm that if an advertiser wants to reach the most premium of audiences, BCCL publications just cannot be ignored. With the Affluence campaign, we sought to put this unwritten norm into writing and prove once and for all, that we provide brands access to the movers and shakers of the society.

We accomplished this by considering data from primarily two sources and marrying them into sound logical insights. Using the IRS 2019 Q4 reports to extract audience segment information, for NCCS A population (which is considered the top category in the household classification model), and BCG’s Going for Gold report from February 2019, we correlated consumption trends. When seen together, we recognized that a significant percentage of our readership belonged to the top 16% of Indians who drive consumption demand in the economy, thus providing a strong reason for advertisers to partner with The Times Group.

After closely considering these sources of data, we established clear-cut insights about our readers.

Results for this campaign

As an outcome of this endeavor, we found that as per the NCCS A data and IRS 2019 Q4 data, The Times Group publications reach out to 23 million affluent Indians – who belong to the 16% of Indians who drive 56% of India’s consumption. India’s consumption reached 110 trillion in 2018 and the millions of Times Group audiences have a huge role to play in achieving this trillion consumption trend.

To communicate this edge we have, we used print and digital channels to reach to the relevant audience and establish the advantage they would be getting by associating with The Times Group publications. The print ad campaign reached out to more than 5.8 million Times of India readers and 1.07 million Economic Times readers. As a digital extension of this print campaign, we targeted influencers in the media and advertising fraternity with more than 94,000 targeted members reached out to on LinkedIn and 300,000 impressions, for which we saw an impressive engagement rate of 1.5%   (industry average: 0.5-0.6%) and a click-through rate: 1.45% (industry average of 0.2%-0.5%).


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