F.A.Z. Personal Assistant
2021 Finalist

F.A.Z. Personal Assistant

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Frankfurt, Germany

Category Readership and Engagement

Overview of this campaign

Users' expectations of publishers have evolved decisively in the digital world. This is not a need specifically related to content, but rather a natural evolution based on what is technically possible. Users are therefore opting for products that include a personal service. Things that previously had to be done by the user himself are expected of the digital product. Only then can you bind the user and build a customer relationship in the long term. F.A.Z. Personal Assistant achieves this expectation of the digital news-interested user through its unique multi-service approach, push and on demand. The excellent quality journalism is configured and delivered individually and precisely. In doing so, the interest is predicted depending on time, situation and end device.
A pillar of success in the composition of the selected content is the mixture of editorial selection, personal interests, community interests and inspirations. F.A.Z. Personal Assistant surprises and gives every user new impulses. Thus, the user not only gains security and reliability, but also the option of personal development.

Always one step ahead.

Results for this campaign

The product extension F.A.Z. Personal Assistant is exclusively available to digital subscribers of the F.A.Z.. The subscriber reaches a new level of news usage that is personally tailored to him and fits into his usual daily routine.
For the evaluation of this goal, the engagement kpis visits per month and views per visit are decisive. We were able to impressively increase the previous year's figures in both areas. With 46% more visits per subscriber per month, it can be proven that by enabling F.A.Z. Personal Assistant, F.A.Z. has become the leading digital medium for a large number of users. This effect is extended by a lower product usage - an increase of 18% points - and a total increase in visits of 37% compared to the previous year. This confirms us on our way to develop digital journalistic quality products in a new and incomparable way.


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