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C3PO Dashboard: Fostering Cross-Department Collaboration with Data

South China Morning Post

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Category Data and Research

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Overview of this campaign

One of the largest initiatives at the South China Morning Post in 2020 was to enhance our commenting system to enrich our community. The project was name-coded C3PO and involved a large range of stakeholders:

  • the product team working on improving user experience and moderation flow enhancement

  • the marketing department, promoting the new functionalities

  • the newsroom, engaging with our readers and moderate the conversation

  • the top management for strategic decisions

  • the legal team to ensure compliance with regulations and in-house rules

  • the corporate communication team for issues management and to provide counsel on responses to public comments, and

  • the data team to provide insights and recommendations

Cross-departmental collaboration is a key success factor for this type project, but most of the time, different departments speak different data languages, as the KPIs they monitor and focus on are different. Data maturity and tools needs may vary as well.

We believe that data not only help business lines to make better decisions, but it can also play an important role for aligning stakeholders and breaking silos, which is often overlooked.


Results for this campaign

To tackle the challenge, we have worked on 3 different pillars:

1.Centralizing in 1 place all Information departments need to operate.

We started to define with all stakeholders involved the user journey and operational insights needed. It resulted in a 4 step funnel and other operational KPIs. For each of those categories, requirements were collected and we analyze how we could articulate them together.

2.Emphasizing on clarity of the information to ease dashboard adoption

  • Not only data visualization best practices have been implemented but UI and UX has been seriously taken into consideration by sourcing inspiration from the best non-analytical products to craft a well designed and easy to use dashboard.
  • The dashboard structure was divided into 6 pages:
    • Overview providing high level information at a glance

    • Reach, Acquisition, Engagement, Retention and Operations, drilling down into each steps of the funnel
  • A Note page has been created to guide internal stakeholder and help them easily understand the metrics, why they matter and the different functionalities of the dashboard
  • As we adopted a funnel approach for the project, most of the KPIs are ratios in place of absolute numbers. Interpreting trends of ratios might be complex as it is  the combination of two other metrics. Every time series were then accompanied with graphs deciphering their evolution.

3.Push notifications for greater reactivity

The main role of a dashboard is for activity monitoring. But to ensure fast reactivity from the newsroom or the marketing and product teams, Slack alerts are triggered each time an article has strong engagement from the community or one of the SCMP Experts is commenting. It enabled the editorial team to join the conversation and product and marketing teams to activate real-time strategies to encourage readers to participate.

SUPPORTING PRESENTATION: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1aYlieJe3eAKzIVneOA7sje6OEgO8JISRF5gX-wsf3-E/edit#slide=id.g17b71c776ad18536_232


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