National Test for Poles’ Health: The Key to User Engagement
2021 Finalist

National Test for Poles’ Health: The Key to User Engagement

Ringier Axel Springer

Warsaw, Poland

Category Readership and Engagement

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Overview of this campaign

Staying in good health is a good thing, not just for us, but also for our close ones.  In Poland, Medonet is an undisputed leader with a mission of propagating knowledge and responsible provision of the latest information on preventive healthcare and medicine.    Following Polish people’s expectations, we decided created a universal and user-friendly tool National Test for Poles Health that could be used in any place in the world. In our campaign we have used a strong "Check your health" CTA to motivate people to take the first step towards looking after their health. Medonet believed that by providing a simple interactive health self-assessment tool we will encourage periodic health checkups and preventive healthcare. Thanks to involving experts in the project,  it additionally provided every user with personalised recommendations that clearly and plainly indicated how well they care for their health (the Health Index) and what they should be doing to live an even healthier life. Medonet's  initiative not only suggests the tests to take but also how to change the current lifestyles.

The  NATIONAL TEST FOR POLES’ HEALTH  campaign was promoted by means of content marketing revolving around preventive healthcare in the form of articles, infographics, videos and display and video advertising in the Ringier Axel Springer Group media. In the communication, we also used radio commercials and printed media.

The key objective of our campaign was to fuel the need for preventive healthcare and encourage as many users as possible to fill out the health questionnaire and ask to receive personalised health recommendations.

Results for this campaign

Poles needed a trigger to examine their health. Medonet provided it in the form of an easy to use interactive tool and expert health advice.


Our goal was to raise the awareness of importance of preventive healthcare among Poles – by: a) getting most users to fill out the health questionnaire and b) providing them with personalised health recommendations.


The questionnaire was filled out by over 400 000 users.

Our initiative reached over 2 million uu


Another key goal was to increase users' engagement on Medonet pages and to acquire a large database of user information.

The initiative engaged  users 12.5 times more than usually.

The campaign engaged over 400 thousand people who on average spent ca 25 minutes to fill out the questionnaire to get their Health Index and personalised recommendations – this was nearly 50% of those who started filling out the questionnaire.


The results of National Test for Poles Health study allow analysing and mining the data obtained and sharing them with the actual healthcare providers looking after the health and lives of the people.


The topic of health was always important but due to the pandemic situation it became even more crucial – the tool we have developed can be customised and scaled to serve any market.


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