+Alt: All News in One Subscription
2021 Winner

+Alt: All News in One Subscription


Oslo, Norway

Category Digital Subscriptions

Overview of this campaign

Amedia is Norway’s largest owner of local newspapers, with more than 70 titles covering most parts of the country. More than 1,000 journalists write 1,000 articles every day, but most articles have only been distributed to a limited number of local readers.


Objective_1: We wanted to take advantage of economies of scale and utilise our distribution power in the Norwegian market, give our unique content a larger paying audience (new subscribers), and launch an upsell product to existing customers to increase our ARPU.


Objective_2: We wanted to answer the clearly expressed user needs for an easier way to navigate between digital news sites, urging for a subscription model where they can access more news titles through one subscription and one log-in.


Our hypothesis was that +Alt could be the answer to both Amedia’s wish to capitalise on the huge production of news stories, and the news reader’s need for a service that can offer a seamless navigation through all newspapers with a Single Sign-On through our own identification and log-in system: aID. And with only one subscription to handle.


Through 2020 we developed and launched +Alt as a service with the following advantages:

  • One subscription covering more than 70 newspapers is a unique deal for the Norwegian news audience, offered at a premium price.

  • Single Sign-On and seamless navigation between all digital newspapers included in +Alt makes this the easiest way to read and navigate between Norwegian newspapers.

  • Access to more than 1,000 new articles everyday, and huge archives for long tail-reading, offers the richest subscription product in Norway.

  • +Alt subscribers are increasingly getting personalised recommendations for “next best read”, continuously showing the unique value of +Alt in a “Spotify-for-news”-model, where all content is accessible in one service closely linked to the local news brand.

  • +Alt is marketed both to new customers and as an upsell for existing customers, strengthening the relationship to the local news brand, making it less likely to terminate.

Results for this campaign

In May 2020 we launched +Alt as an UPSELL FOR EXISTING SUBSCRIBERS, encouraging them to pay a premium to get access. In four days we had 10,000 sales.

From June 2020 we offered +Alt as a service to NEW SUBSCRIBERS, still on the shoulders of the local newspapers. This started a strong growth in total number of subscribers.

Background: Amedia has 660,000 subscribers in a country of roughly 2,5 million private households. That’s a 26 per cent share. Targets for +Alt in year 1 were set on the basis of this.


Results for 2020 (8 months in operation):


+Alt-target_1: 100,000 converted and new subscribers

Result: 120,000 subscribers, corresponding to 18% of our total customer base


+Alt-target_2: 50,000 established subscribers (subscribers with a +100 day tenure)

Result: 60,000 established subscribers


+Alt has been a major success. Exploiting already produced content, the production cost is low, and all participating newspapers generated a surplus from +Alt in 2020.

+Alt has also been a major contributor to most of the 70 participating newspapers overperforming on subscription revenues in 2020. +Alt is now generating revenue for Amedia in the millions of Kroner - every single month, with a strong underlying growth.


We have achieved both of our main objectives:

1) To give our unique content a much larger paying audience.

2) To answer the user needs for an all-access subscription, with Single Sign-On, and seamless navigation between news sites.


Key takeaways

  • We have succeeded in establishing a premium product for new customers and an attractive upsell product for existing customers, so far counting 18% of our total customers.

  • We have increased revenues and profit from +Alt in all participating newspapers.

  • We have activated our network of newspapers and established a common platform to explore new product opportunities.

  • We have strengthened our local brands and given them a new competitive advantage, both to acquire new subscribers, and to give existing customers a new and better reason to stay.


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