Times Scan It Own It Festival
2021 Finalist

Times Scan It Own It Festival

The Times Group

Mumbai, India

Category Advertising Sales and Retention

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Overview of this campaign

Even as COVID-19 struck the world as a massive blow to both demand and supply, constant efforts were being made to restore some semblance of stability in the new circumstances everyone found themselves in. Both, the consumers and businesses were besieged by their own problems that the pandemic posed. At BCCL, we saw advertising revenues shrinking in April 2020 to mere 13% of what they were last year. Clearly, something drastic was the need of the hour.

The festive period in India (from late August till the end of Diwali festivities) is crucial because of increased private expenditure and it was no surprise then that businesses looked forward to it for recovery. In this context of high hopes and restricted budgets, we came up with an idea to spur spending along and usher in a spirit of revitalizing prosperity.

Times Scan It Own It Festival was conceived to give the advertisers a chance to generate increased traction and engagement for their ads, and to give the readers a new reason to be excited about their morning paper. With the use of QR codes and an alternate WhatsApp entry mechanism, we gave the readers a chance to own some of the products they saw in the ads in The Times of India. All they had to do was scan the QR code or click a picture of the ad to send to the specified WhatsApp and after filling a few details they stood a chance to win that product, or a voucher from our prize pool.

This was expected to generate not only greater traction for ads but also, higher visibility, more engagement with the brand message and the chance to be a part of a large festive initiative. For the readers, it made their newspaper more valuable than ever before and more rewarding to read.

Results for this campaign

We received a flattering response to the campaign both from the advertisers and the readers. 13 brands partnered in the campaign and carried the Times Scan It Own It logo in their ads and also provided gifts and vouchers to be given to our readers. For the QR codes placed above the partnering-brand ads, we received more than 14,900 scans as people actively stated their love for these brands and their products.

At the readers’ front, we received an overwhelming 67,000+ entries in the duration of the campaign from 17th October 2020 to 14th November 2020 though both QR codes and WhatsApp. In the true spirit of festivities, we distributed more than 4,200 gifts and vouchers to our readers. The registration page for the festival garnered a staggering 293,000+ views proving that all eyes were here as the almost month-long campaign kept them enthralled and excited.

As the ultimate test for the concept for us, we saw immense improvement in the numbers for October and November. Revenues soared to more than 5 times of what they were in April 2020 as a testament to the wide acceptance we received for this campaign. Ad volumes in the two months were 18% more than those in the months of April to August combined. And finally, to prove this was a path-breaking initiative in the print space, our market share by 36% in November from what it was in April.


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