Publimetro Colombia Mobile First Update
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Publimetro Colombia Mobile First Update

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Santiago, Chile

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Overview of this campaign

On average 95.5% of the users of Publimetro Colombia access it from a mobile device and like most of latin american countries, the connectivity using 3G or 4G is not always the optimal way to load content and media.

The product team released the latest major update of the platform, including backend, CMS and frontend in 2017 with a huge improvement in terms of traffic audience and efficiency for the content production, but in 2020 it was time to upgrade the platform according to current standards of pages performance, user consumption and mobile experience.

For all Metro’s products a massive increase of pageviews was caused by the implementation of Google AMP and Facebook Instant Articles back in 2017 and 2018. The main reason was that the experience for mobile consumption was over 10x faster that the web version of Publimetro.

Considering these facts, the product development team focused the upgrade into performance parameters, optimizing speed page and design in order to provide a better reading experience with mobile devices under weak internet connection.

Also, a major design update focused on the content and the advertising together using design resources and industry standards to make sure any of them would interfere with each other.

A new AMP version was designed under AMP-First statement, meaning that all pages have an AMP version available to keep the experience great for the user.

The content loads like a Facebook or Instagram feed with infinite scroll to help users discover and get more content based on what they are reading.

The CMS also got a new update by adding tools to make easy the way journalists and editors write digital content and also adding new meta tags and structured data to communicate better with algorithms and robots for better indexation, and helping them understand better sources of contents, company, brand and author information for trustworthy, authority and originality purposes.

Results for this campaign

The new upgrade was recently launched successfully on January 27th 2021.

In terms of performance, the new website it’s 3 times faster than before, loading in 2.6 seconds the content on a mobile device on a 4G internet network.

After just one day of releasing the new version, the pageviews per user increased 3.9 times compared with the average of January 2021.

Also the performance score on Google Web Dev increased from 8 points to 40 points on mobile, with significant improvements on the usage and distribution of resources, specifically with third parties and advertising.

Direct traffic on average increased from 120,000 daily pageviews to 398,000 daily pageviews.

Considering all these mentioned improvements, the impressions are also raised by 35%, caused mostly by the increase of pages per user on the new version.

Metro has planed to roll out to the other products by the end of Q1 2021, since Google has announced also that a major algorithm update focused on mobile performance will be released by May 1st.


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