Nikkei Wave: The Experimental App for New Technologies
2021 Finalist

Nikkei Wave: The Experimental App for New Technologies


Chiyoda, Japan

Category Product Development

Overview of this campaign launched its flagship mobile app in 2010.
Today the app serves 750k paid subscribers and 4m registered users.
In the mobile media era, the mobile app is the most important platform where many features are first implemented. This means that the code base is bigger than before and the UI is becoming complicated and condensed. This leads to delays and increased lead times in launching new features and adopting new technologies.
To address these issues, Nikkei recently launched an experimental app called Nikkei Wave.
Nikkei Wave provides users with an improved recommendation algorithm, auto-generated video view, and a simpler UI.
The recommendation engine uses more granular user behavior data and new algorithms like BERT.
The AI analyzes article data and generates a short video on the user terminal. From this, a user can casually consume content without consuming their mobile carrier's reserved data usage.

This application can be used as a testbed for developing new technologies. Nikkei Wave uses the SwifitUI as its development framework, which only works in iOS13 or later. (The flagship app has a wider OS user base, so many current users cannot access it yet.) By enabling robust user testing within the user group on the latest OS, Nikkei Wave has greatly improved the productivity of mobile app development.

Results for this campaign

Nikkei Wave has been downloaded and installed by 21,200 users so far.
The brand new recommendation algorithm was adopted by other platforms like web and existing iOS/Android apps.

The Nikkei Wave app pushes auto-recommended articles every day at 8:00 am and 4:00 pm. As a result, Wave has a higher number of user accesses on Saturdays and Sundays than on weekdays. In the case of the Nikkei Online edition (our main news app), there are significantly fewer user accesses on Saturdays and Sundays.

We have long wanted to increase the number of weekend visits to improve user engagement, but until now there have been no effective measures to achieve this goal. Nikkei Wave allowed us to confirm that using push notifications of recommended articles is highly effective in driving user engagement. After establishing an efficient recommendation calculation method for users of the Nikkei Online Edition (500,000 users) we will implement push notifications to our main news app. (Wave DAU is about 3000)

Auto-generated videos are currently displayed only on the Wave app, where it contributes to increasing average spending time on our app.

We have started using auto-generated videos for the promotion of Nikkei LIVE events.


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