OneRoof Accelerates Audience Growth with Personalisation Automation and AI Tools
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OneRoof Accelerates Audience Growth with Personalisation Automation and AI Tools


Auckland, New Zealand

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Overview of this campaign

OneRoof needed to dramatically increase engagement from email users into the site and app. The number of email touchpoints were to be increased, they needed to contain relevant content, and they needed to be delivered at the right time.  


To execute on this, OneRoof developed a data strategy centred around better customer segmentation through declared and inferred customer data collection.  This was used to build relevant customer experiences, to localise and personalise listings recommendations. In addition to capturing inferred data based on a user’s on-site and in-app behaviour, a Profile Builder was created, for customers to declare whether they were in the property market, were a buyer or seller, and their preferred locations.  And finally, we used our marketing automation platform to trigger personalised communications across all touchpoints, using machine-learning to continue to improve the customer experience over and over.  


In doing this, our ultimate aim was to exponentially increase our audience to property listings in a sustainable way that delivered stronger engagement in properties listed on OneRoof.  

The campaign success metrics were: 

  • Listings audience growth: +30% YoY 

  • Enquiries to listings growth: +100% YoY 

  • Customer database growth: +50% YoY 

  • Profile Builder completion rate: 50%  

  • Email referral traffic to site or app: 100% increase 



The data, automation and personalization tactics focsued on: 


  • The creation of a weekly Local Insights e-newsletter with insights from in-market listings and recent sales in customers’ suburbs of interest. 


  • Property News e-newsletter including curated editorial content alongside automated personalized listings content. This uses data capture, marketing automation, connected content and liquid logic to populate personalised content.   


  • Enhancements to the OneRoof Property Report, our flagship quarterly report, to move from nationwide content, to reflect insights and content at a user’s regional level.  


  • The creation of Recommended Listings, a new email e-newsletter, where we know customers will be interested in specific listings. This email is triggered using Intelligent Delivery, the AI functionality that delivers the email at the most likely time a customer will engage with it. 

Results for this campaign

The campaign over-achieved all metrics. The successes of the strategy are: 


  • We have scaled up Braze, our marketing automation platform, so that it seamlessly connects to our OneRoof API’s and databases. The use of Braze’s Intelligent Delivery send timing AI feature has driven a 23% increase in email engagement.* 


  • A Profile Builder now feeds into those databases. The data includes customer-declared information such as where they are at in their property journey – whether it’s buying, selling, homeowner, or a combination of those statuses, and also to declare which locations are of interest. 

    • Of the customers completing a profile, 75% declared suburb-related information.** 

    • OneRoof’s Profile Builder drove a 77% completion rate, transforming Prospects into Registered Customers** 


  • The creation of a ‘suburb sequence’ allows us to target customers at a suburb level, using declared and inferred data.  

    • The move from generic nationwide listings content to localised content has driven a 218% uplift in total clicks to property listings, and a 57% uplift in unique clicks*** 


  • The launch of new, personalised, listings-focused email touchpoints.  

    • The weekly deployment of Local Insights accounted for 36% of email listings traffic after being created.**** 


Utilising cutting-edge tools,  OneRoof has taken its communications from generic to targeted and localised content, delivered at the right time using smart delivery technology. Coupled with efforts to increase email signups, the email channel is now a significant contributor to OneRoof’s success.  


Overall, leveraging data to personalise communication delivered results that exceeded our expectations and ambitious targets as well as industry benchmarks: ***** 

  • Listings Audience growth = +48% YoY against a target of 30% 

  • Enquiries from listings to agents: +149% YoY against a target of 100% 

  • Customer base growth: 650% YoY against a target of 50% 

  • Profile completion rate of 77% against a target of 50% 

  • Email referral traffic to site or app: +440% against a target of 100% 


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