Project Czekalinski
2020 Finalist

Project Czekalinski

Grupo Clarín

Córdoba, Argentina

Category Public Relations and Community Service

Overview of this campaign

One of the objectives of the project is to bring the Basic Food Basket (CBA, in Spanish) to the public agenda to demonstrate both the difficulty and suffering of consuming it, and the disgrace of using it as a poverty measurement parameter in our country that , as estimated, is about 37% of the population. Another objective is that based on the results obtained by this project, the way in which poverty is measured in Argentina will change. For example, for a nutritionally healthy diet.

Why studying and evaluating the CBA is so important? Because it is the main parameter that INDEC uses to measure poverty in Argentina every 3 months and publishes it every 6 months. It is the measurement of INDEC that is later taken by media to inform. e.g. When it is said that: "A family needs 36,000 pesos not be poor in Argentina" or "A family needs 30,000 pesos not be homeless in Argentina."

CBA, created in 1985, has never been updated since 1988. It consists of 64 products for the entire national territory and 58 for the Pampas region. It states that a man with moderate physical activity will consume 2,700 calories and a woman with the same activity characteristics will only take 2,000 Kal per day.

The CBA, in addition to being a parameter for measuring poverty, it is a parameter for setting public policy. For example: A judge to decide on the food quota in a divorce process does so by defining the value of the quota according to a certain amount of basic food baskets. Also, it is a parameter for establishing agents of the State's allowances when they take a trip as officials and, among others, for establishing nutritional and food plans at schools in all provinces of the country.

Results for this campaign

The publication of the articles and the visibility achieved through the repercussions throughout the country determined the call by Ministry of Social Development of the Nation, so that Martín Maldonado (coordinator of the project) may participate in the Argentine Federal Council against Hunger. There, public policy will be designed to tackle this problem.


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